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Week 7 run 1


Some may remember me coming here panicking a few weeks ago about running for 10 mins ! When I was struggling to do even 5 !!

Well I did week 7 run 1 today. A full 25 minutes and even speeded up for the last 5.

I can’t believe I have got this far! I honestly thought I was different and it wouldn’t work for me as I just wasn’t built to run. But it’s working and I am loving it!

Thanks everyone for the continued support. It’s been a massive help

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Great job... struggling through 5 seems a long time ago and I’m a run behind you. You’re born to run, and you’re doing it! Only a couple of tiny steps now... enjoy closing this out.


Very well done Pete, I've just finished W8 and no bother at all, 2 months ago I struggled to run for a minute and now I've already run 5k and looking forward to my 3 X 30 minute runs next week.


This programme is fab. X

Well done Pete, keep going as you will still be amazed at your progress, you have done really well.

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