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W2R2 - I survived

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Today's run was a challenge. On the other hand, aren't they all? In one way or another?

I went with my dog. There were so many people with dogs passing through our football field that I had to run not in circles, but back and forth. I had to had my eyes all around my head, sometimes stopping, sometimes speeding to grab my dog.

It wasn't my best day, and some women will relate to that day in a month when you just want to crawl under the blanket and disappear from the world.

My legs were fine, although now I feel they are tired. My lungs were quite ok. I am surprised how much all distractions affect my perception of the run physical difficulty. I think my exhausted brain can deal or with physical or mental challenge. It cannot deal with both :P

I am very proud of myself that (a) I started this run today, despite all my doubts, and (b) I have finished it in one piece. I think on Friday I will go alone for the run.

Happy running! Keep pushing! You / We can do it!

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Fantastic IgaT! You're going great!

Have a celebratory cuppa ☕

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Katnap

I celebrated on mat with stretching and nice shower afterwards :)

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And so you should be proud. A different run, but a great victory. Well done.

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IgaTGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you. Every small victory counts :)

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Yay IgaT, nice to see you back. Great job getting out there and getting the runs in despite some challenges.

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IgaTGraduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thanks :) It's great to be back :D

Well done IgaT, You've definitely got the right attitude, and you made it through this despite the hurdles. Now get yourself prepared to say goodbye to week two in style (without the dog!) : )

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IgaTGraduate in reply to

Tomorrow, only me & the path :)

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