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Getting closer to the end....

Today felt a bit tough, body a bit tired after first week back to work after 6 weeks off but went out and did it. Was just getting to the point we’re i thought I’d love to walk, sometimes I miss those little breaks. Of course I didn’t and just slowed the pace right down. Then my half way bell 🛎 rung and I thought no way am i giving up, I’m half way through. It’s amazing how tiny inclines can feel like monumental mountains and a slight breeze can feel like your running against a hurricane BUT I completed all 28 minutes without stopping and feel great. Good way to kickstart the weekend! 😁

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What a great feeling- well done for keeping going. Not long until you graduate 👏👏

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Thank you I’m actually quite excited now 😄


Very well done my virtual running buddy, I'm doing W8 R1 tomorrow morning and at the moment I'm looking forward to it but that may change when I get up tomorrow! I went to watch the Parkrun along my route yesterday and a 30 minutes 5k would have placed you 93rd out of 164, 13 minutes behind 1st place and 23 minutes in front of last place. Still not sure if doing a Park run is my goal tho. Enjoy your rest day.

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I’m not sure that’s mine either or any races, I enjoy just running for me. I don’t want to feel like I’m racing anybody else or trying to keep up. Good luck with your W8R1 I’m sure you will enjoy it 👍🏻

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