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Now that's much better !


W5R2 today. After having struggled so much last time, I was a bit apprehensive. So last night I filled out on crumble (not too much, with my own favorite dough and fresh plums from a friend's garden), drank a lot of water, and after a good night's sleep I got up at 5:30 and hit the road.

Well, it was lovely. Dawn was just beginning, the moon and Orion were still high in the sky. And after my usual difficult first 5 minutes, I realized that I was actually enjoying running. I think that's a first for me. Until now I enjoyed the outdoors, the changing sky, the woods and their scent, and the occasional wildlife encounter, but I had not yet taken pleasure in that sheer motion, that sense of freedom. Maybe I'll become a runner after all ;)

That's a good thing I enjoyed myself because next run is scary W5R3 !

Wildlife headcount for today : 1 fox.

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Beautiful, beautiful...what a wonderful start to your day... and a lovely friend too.. a fox :)

Wow..! Huge well done!


Week 5 Run 3 is not scary. Just take it slow and steady and know that you are absolutely ready for it:)

Oldlady57 in reply to Oldfloss

I have run envy!! That would have been my run this morning but have strained the inner ligaments in both knees. Both now strapped with some beautiful pink tape (very fetching🤣). Hopefully back on the road sometime soon. Enjoy your run on Friday. You’ll smash it. Tell the head gremlins to naff off 👍🏻

What a lovely run and lovely start to your day!

I did W5R3 the other day and it was ok. I embraced my inner 🐌 and got into the music I was listening to. Your body is ready for it. You’ll smash it! 💪🏻

It sounds to me like you ARE a runner already, thank you for that post, it will keep me going until I can run again myself. W5r3, meh. No bother, you've got this!

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