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Much, MUCH better! :)

Well after my good old whinge the other day about how much I'm hating running I decided to change tack. I found a friend to run with and decided that, just for today, I would not measure my distance or time and just try to enjoy going for a run - BINGO!

We set off and settled into a nice jogging pace and even though we were both plugged into our ipods it was really nice to have some company. We slowed to walk a couple of times and walked the last bit to home.

There's no way that qualifies as my W9R2 but that's fine. I'll go for that one on Thursday and then hope to graduate this weekend.


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One of the best things I did in Week 9 was to relax and slow down! Now I just need to find that Run Buddy! Keep up the good work and look forward to reading about your graduation :-)


That sounds like a really good approach - it should be fun as well as challenging. Good for you :-)


Good to read your blog today, you sound much more upbeat. I find it makes a real difference to run with company :)


That sounds fab :-)


I go out with my fiancé and even though he pulls ahead during the runs (much longer legs and a longer stride!) it just helps having someone to get out the door with and to talk to on the warm up/down. Glad it helped! x


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