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Feeling deflated


I was running outside for 28mins then had a month without running at all. I’ve joined a gym to try and help me keep running when it’s too dark to safely go alone ( or too wet) and have done 2 20 mom runs which I’ve found really hard going. Does anyone find it harder to run on a treadmill it is it because of the month being lazy? Just hope I get my running mojo back soon

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Personally I prefer running outside. Even in the rain. I find treadmills to be boring more than hard.

But I understand why your doing it. Yep definitely being away from running for a month will affect your fitness. But you will still have a good base. Maybe try running again on the treadmill using the C25k app. Start again from week 5 or 6 and in a month you’ll be back and so too will your mojo.


By the way, well done, nothing wrong with 20 minutes of running. No need to be feeling deflated


It is harder on the treadmill in some ways but with one month off your ability may have fallen a bit. I also prefer outside especially in the dark and the rain! 😂❤️


Yes, I hate the dreadmill! You will adapt though if you keep trying. Keep it up.


No chance of early runs.. it is easier to do it outside:)

I think I’ll get outside whenever possible. Definitely preferable to the treadmill. Also underestimated what a month off would do to a 48 year old! Thanks for your comments

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