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Haven’t ran for over three weeks


Good evening , I have not ran for at least three weeks due to back and knee problems, I will try and do a run tomorrow however I am not sure where to begin. My last run was week 6 run 1 which I completed it was tough but completed it with out stopping. Can anyone give me any advice please do I go back to week 5 or carry on where I finished . My knee problems are not due to running .

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Go out picking up where you left off and see how you manage......, that is all any of us can ever do after a lay off.

Brod2 in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you


Hi, sorry to hear that you had to take a break from it. It will be four weeks this Wednesday since I ran last, due to bursitis below my left knee. I was only on Week 3, but I’m planning to go back to Week 2 and see how I go. It was so very painful and I really don’t want to risk overdoing it, so am going to start again very slowly! Good wishes for your restart!

Brod2 in reply to Hidden

Thank you ,I am just about to go out and do my run doing week 6 run 1 again to see how I get on, but may need to go back to week 5 . Well done keep going keep it slow , good luck

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