Mapping out the next three weeks

Mapping out the next three weeks

This may seem somewhat organised but there's a method in the madness!

I go back to school tomorrow and as always things are going to be hectic. What often happens is - I have good intentions for getting fit and once the term starts again, I end up making excuses not to exercise because 'I am too tired'.

I've come up with a planner for the next three weeks so I can do my best to stick to it. I'm quite a visual learner so putting my running sessions in a calendar like this allows me to see what obstacles could get in the way and how I could reschedule if it comes to it. I have excluded my teaching entries as I didn't want to bore you but when they are included, I can see where and when I will have trouble fitting in a run.

Fingers crossed this actually works. :D


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16 Replies

  • Back to school for me tomorrow too 😢 I might have to do something like this so I can keep track of my runs 🏃🏻‍♀️

  • It's worth a try. I'm more concerned about staff meetings on Tuesday and Friday when I'm usually exhausted.

  • Staff meetings on a Friday!

  • The Friday meeting is a year group meeting and not as bad but I get home late.

  • Get up early :)

  • I remember it well ! Happy days!!!

  • Might not be the same for teaching but I often get home from my office and meetings based job feeling drained. I have discovered that a run really helps. Has to be immediately I get home. Any later and it wakes me up too much and I can't sleep.

  • Any job that is stressful and drains you is the same. Exercise is great for your mental health and energy levels. It's strange thinking something so taxing actually gives you more energy.

  • I know exactly where you're coming from SparkyMacBlog day one of new Term for me also.

    I also do Pilates and looking to try Boxfit, a new spinning class (my usual one of 7 years has ended 😞), and yoga. Don't have time for work, lol.

    I've been thinking about how I'm going to fit in running when the new term starts. I live in the countryside so difficult to run in the evening, which I don't really fancy doing alone. Thought I might progress to Park Run, once graduated and/or running club but not sure what day I could fit it in!!!

    Good idea to plan your runs as a visual reminder

  • When I taught.... I use to get up at 5.... was not running C25K then.. just a 30 minute across the fields to get me started for the day.. Organisation was everything.. I approve of your plans!! I had a class of 28 to deal with at one time... 22 of whom were boys!!!

    I needed the time out for sanity!

    You will do this :)

  • What a great idea, I needed the discipline too of 'diarised' time. So set up 3 x a week reminders and so far, yup I can organise life around the runs.

    Good luck once term time starts

  • Thanks. For me, I just want to be rid of the excuses by planning my runs around a hectic time table.

  • Very organised - hope it works for you! What helps me is knowing that however tired I feel when I get in from work (I work in a school too) running seems to use a different kind of energy and usually makes me feel a lot better! The minute you hear yourself start making those "I'm too tired" noises is when you get out the door, quick!! 😀

  • Wow, good luck to you and the other teachers trying to fit running into an already busy schedule after the luxury of running when you want during the summer holidays. I was a deputy head up until a year ago, but I didn't start running until the summer holidays and have been able to fit my runs in as and when. My recently acquired running buddy has gone back to school where he is head teacher, and I have told him he has to run at least once during the week so that we can run together on Saturday. As an incentive for him finding time for one run I have had to sign up to do a 10k Race for Life in three weeks, so my three runs will all need to be longer to get myself ready for that. As we have been doing a Working Towards C25K programme I am able to run/walk with him on my rest days without it making too much of an impact on my longer runs. I'm hoping he manages to find time as he wants to get to run 5K by Christmas.

  • I have the same. I added an extra layer calendar with my runs... it definitely helps to make the time for the run!

  • I think this is amazing - I do take my hat off to teachers, you've a level of organisation I can only admire from afar. Hope start of term has not been too tiring!

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