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Feeling fantastic

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Week5 Run3

As you all know this is the one where they throw in a 20mins run so this weekend I had a alcohol free one so I would feel fit enough to do this! I got up this morning and just went for it. I knew if I waited the heat would have got too much. Anyway I did it, couple of times I just wanted to stop but didn’t and I feel so bloody proud of myself. Can’t believe I actually ran for 20 mins with an average pace of 6.44 🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏼😁

7 Replies
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Feels amazing, doesn't it?? You deserve to feel on top of the world! Week 6 had better watch out, you're coming to get it ;-)

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Well done, that's it your now a runner 🏃🏃🏃. This was my favourite run out of whole program.

Now enjoy the rest of the running xx

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Amir, that’s fabulous!! Well done you. You’ve got this - but beware of W6R1. It looks easy after what you’ve just achieved, but it’s pesky. Look up posts about it. It’s notorious!

But you’ll be fine, so smash it! 😀😀

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W6R1 is a nuisance if you're not ready for it. The mistake people make is in looking at the lengths of individual runs rather than the total exercise time. You'll be OK if you're ready for the challenge, just don't expect it to be easy.

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Really well done. I couldn't hit 6.44 on a push bike. As others say be a little careful not to overcook w6r1 it has caught some people out.

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Well done you, it's the best feeling isn't it? Good luck for week 6, take it easy and enjoy. All the best 😁👍

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Just done week6 run 2. Didn’t want to do it. Had a shit day at work but I did it and now I’m so excited because I have a day off from running tomorrow haha. Thank you everyone x

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