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Fantastic run!


Just had one of my best runs since completing C25K at the beginning of this month! Been using the C25K + podcasts currently using the stepping stones one and it’s brilliant. I tried a different route tonight and did my best time averaging 8.25 min/km. I didn’t feel out of breath or have any stitches. Still nowhere near 5k but I am enjoying myself 😊

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Well done Anna, you seem to be enjoying your runs, that is the main thing. 😊 🏃


I remember finishing my first 30 minutes without being out of breath... congratulations on that experience, it’s magical.

5k will come, but enjoying yourself and improving fitness, health and life expectancy are way more important. Great run.


Well done you! It will improve steadily..i had my best run at the weekend about 2/3 months post graduating...4km in 29 mins, that's a pace of 7.2 and it suddenly came out of nowhere! I'd been plodding away at 8.2 for weeks it seemed. I'm aiming to get to 5km by Spring.


These podcasts are my absolute faves. I run them a lot, as they crop up on my playlist

The Stamina one! 😳 😁 You certainly know you've done that one 😃👍🏃‍♀️

Steady as she goes 👍😃

going to try the stepping stones too :)

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I’ve not tried anything other than stepping stones yet but it’s brilliant

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