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Fantastic Four

It seems just yesterday that I was downloading these podcasts onto my mp3 player but here I am at Week 4.

For today's run, i knew there was something different going on when Laura said I was to run for 3 minutes first. "Wooah, hold on, where'd the 90 seconds go?!" my brain asked. Nevertheless I followed Laura's instructions and before I knew it, it was the first walk. I noticed I recovered much quicker from the 3 minute run, and was able to mentally prepare myself for the 5 minute run.

I thought there was no way I'd be able to do 5 mins, especially when, the very moment I said to myself "5 minutes has GOT to be up now", Laura interruped to say "well done, that's 2 and half minutes gone"!!!! Surprisingly, the last 2 and a half minutes seemed to go in much quicker.

I mustn't have been fully listening to Laura at the start of the podcast because I didn't know there was another 5 min run at the end. This was much harder and I actually started composing this blog in my head during it, using words like "impossible, so tough, thought I was dying, such a step up from week 3". The brilliant thing is, I DID manage to run it all, and 2 minutes into the warm down I was positive, elated and so pleased with myself that any negative feelings I'd had, had completely melted away.

The main lesson I learnt today is that this programme is so do-able; and the only difference between "can" and "can't" is willpower. So to anyone reading this who is thinking about starting, or is demotivated or is fearing the worst from week 4, just go for it and have the confidence in yourself to keep going. You'll get there! :)

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You're so right about it being do-able and the mental attitude being key. I also know how you feel about it seeming like yesterday that the podcasts were downloaded! :-) Well done for sticking with it and getting through to the elation part!


Thanks suki_007, it is definitely more psychological this week but I'm ready for it! Huge congratulations on your recent graduation, the badge looks great!


Excellent post, well done :-)


Thanks Deryn61, it's seeing those little green badges and encouraging words from the graduates which make me believe it really is possible!


I have just come in from second run week three your post very inspiring love it . i am still amazed that i feel better today than i did after first 60 sec run .


Thanks samp2b, yes it's recognising those small improvements which amaze me too but I guess it shows how you can achieve anything if it is broken down into small enough chunks! Good luck with finishing week 3 and joining me in week 4!


So glad I read your blog. I've just done w3 r3 and am thinking about r1 of w4 on saturday and I'm a bit nervous but having read your blog I do feel a more confident that it will be ok.

I was nervous about w3 bt that has been absolutely fine so hopefully w4 will be too.

Good luck with future runs.


I'm glad to be of service samdavi, don't be nervous - if you've completed week 3 you're more than ready for week 4! It def seems to be more of a psychological barrier than physical ability so once you are over than hurdle you'll be flying! I'm doing my 2nd run tomorrow so i'll post how I get on. Thanks for the luck and good luck to you too! We could be graduating at around the same time all being well!


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