Fantastic 5K tonight

I've been running with a colleague recently, since we set up a running club at work and have been enjoying the change from solitary running.

Went out Friday and did a weekly regular 10K (get me) and really enjoyed the run, only problem was my Garmin was flat so had to run with mobile, anyway may have pushed it too hard on Friday as had the odd knee niggle on Saturday, so rested yesterday and thought I'd go out for an easy run tonight (on my own), but when I got out there I just set off too fast for an easy run, but enjoyed the pace, so kept up the pace, then I thought might try to keep this up for 5K and see if I can get a new PB and I did, knocked 1m10s off, to have a new PB of 25m42s, I'm so pleased :D

When I graduated I remember doing a park run for W9R3 at 32m+ and a few short months later I'm at 25m42s, can't believe how well the mixed up train has been working recently :-)

Going to stick to easy runs for the rest of the week to rest my legs a bit (we'll see if I manage to keep to that)

Enjoy your runs this week.

Garmin stats if your interested:


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23 Replies

  • Well done fantastic time. Love the regular 10k comment, I bet when you started C25k you never thought you'd be able to run 10k let alone do it on a regular basis.

    My first 10k race is on Sunday so am going to do a couple of gentle 5k's this week. I'm a bit nervous, I know I can run 10k but will it be different in a race, with other people (usually run on my own).

  • I definately didn't, i didnt think id finish the 9 weeks, now i run because i want to run, it is never a drag going out :-)

    You'll be grand, the only thing I can suggest (from my one park run) is don't get tied into running too fast because of everyone else around you, you will a little, but don't over do it and ENJOY :-)

  • That's a big chunk knocked off your PB! Bet you're still grinning! :)

  • I sure am :D

  • Well done phil, get in there mate

    I'm back at wk 8 and ran a new route of 3.29 miles tonight, loved it. Not fast by an means but great anyway

    Well done on you PB. Keep it going. Makes you feel great this running lark, real since of achievement. This time last year I couldn't run fa bath lol :-)

  • Must feel great to get back out there and off the treadmill, hope your looking after yourself post injury

  • I am Phil Thankyou, stretch before and stretch after. Took some advice from a physio who showed me some decent calf stretches.

    The thought of running club at work is a good idea, I may have a word with some of the lads at m work

    Take care phil


  • Well look at you Phil! Congratulations!! I like how you say your doing regular 10K's. Did you ever dream a 10K would be the norm for a run? :-) So happy for all you've achieved! Gayle

  • Never in a million years did I imagine that this journey would take me to 10k, it makes me think a half marathon maybe possible, next year, want to get some Ks under the belt first and another stone of the waist :-)

    I'm sure you'll agree that surprises are around every corner, with yours and Steve's run this weekend.

  • I'm quite sure you're capable of a half marathon this year Phil from reading about your achievements, you're just about half way already!

  • Great stuff Phil. Regular 10k is really good. And that's great to make a pb in 5k with that sort of time. Keep up the good work.

  • Cheers, hope you got a good few runs in during half term.

  • Yes I did. Completed b210k W5 but still have the week 6 60 minute runs still to do. Looking forward to those but time issues meant I opted for a stamina run on Sunday and possible this week too. Then it's onto my, as yet, undefined next-stage plan. All the best. James

  • Wow Phil that's awesome! Glad you listened to you body as an injury that could be avoided would be sooooo annoying. I love that you enjoy it so much, it's wonderful to read. Congratulations

  • Cheers, I really do, that badge looks great!

  • Woo that was fast! It's lovely to read how it's all coming together for you, with this new training routine. Is it long to your 10k race now?

  • I'm entered in the Manchester 10K at the end of May, I may also enter the Derby 10K at the end of April, waiting until last minute so i Don't tempt injury :-)

  • A fantastic time Phil! I think you are within reach of that HM for sure, especially with your running club and the 10Ks! :)


  • Thanks for the confidence, but I might wait a while...but now you have me thinking :-)

  • You've definately got me thinking, there is a half marathon in August just up the road from me in Fleetwood....mmmmmmmmmmm...we'll see ;-)

  • Ha ha! The seed has been sown ;)

    If you are running 10K every week and achieving this time for a 5K then the HM is within reach I would say. You have 5 to 6 months to slowly, slowly increase your distance and there are plenty of HM training plans out there...!

    I think a discussion with your running club partner over a pint is in order Phil! :D ;) You will certainly get the support from here too; that's a given!

    Whatever you decide though, make sure you continue to have fun running - to me thats the most important thing!

  • what a brillliant time! sounds like you are having lots of fun at the moment :)

  • Cheers, I sure am :-)

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