ConGradation - feeling fantastic W9D3 smashed

ConGradation - feeling fantastic W9D3 smashed

Well, what can I say, I smashed week 9 day 3 and feel fantastic that I have completed the program. Had a mini graduation, did not have the correct equipment, but my daughters gown for when she dyes my hair stepped up as my gown, my Team GB baseball cap stepped up as my motar board, and the T Shirt I won on a few days away at Park Resorts for winning a quiz seemed a fitting top hehe. I think I look less red on the left hand picture just as I was walking out of the gym than I did at my ceremony hehe

I ran at 7.5 kmph for the first 20 mins, stepped up to 7.7 for the next 5 mins, 8.5 for the next 4 and wacked it up to 9 for the last 30 seconds. Really proud of myself especially as you can see I am neither young or slim, but I was determined to see the program out and look forward to going on and doing some more.

Thank you all for your positive encouragement you are all a great bunch of people on this site.... right off to apply for my real graduation badge of honor :D :D :D :D


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40 Replies

  • Fantastic!!!

    Many congratulations on your quite amazing achievement. You join a small but growing band. :)

    Well done you!!!

    What's next?

  • So Chuffed I cant tell you - well whats next is 5K in 30 mins I think oh and having a go on being a roadrunner beep beep

  • Brilliant! Well done. Love the pic's :D

  • Thanks - just a bit of fun :D

  • Congratulations Judef Especially love the t shirt

  • Why thank you :D

  • Whoa Jude ! Yay YOU DID IT !!!!!!

    Many, Many Congratulations to you, you are a Superstar , Well done !!!!

    It has been an absolute joy following your progress and reading your posts, you have done so well.

    Wear that badge with pride Missus ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, well pleased with myself, got very excited that I now have the graduate title. Thank you again for the encouragement, I will shine my badge regularly.

    Happy running xxx :D

  • And so you should be proud of yourself. It's a great achievement. Welcome to the addiction club!

  • Hehe yes it is indeed addictive. Thank you and happy running x

  • Brilliant... well done to you... :-) :-)

  • :-) Thank you x

  • Congratulations - hope you feel amazing!

  • Thank you - that I do feel on cloud 9

  • really well done Jude :D exceptional :) just a week behind you :D

  • i look forward to seeing your graduation post... keep up the good work and thank you :)

  • Thanks Jude :D i cant wait to do that post :D

  • Well done you! Many congratulations judef and may this be the beginning of something wonderful for you! :-)

  • Thank you BoPeep, I am feeling great, so hope this is the start of things to come :)

  • Congratulations

  • Thank you :)

  • Well I would truly like to be roadrunner instead of Why-lee (not sure of spelling) dont think I could stand the headaches with all those boulders dropping on my head

    Thank you and completing is indeed a great feeling x

  • Isn't it just a great feeling? Well done you :). And I love your graduation ceremony - good idea.

    I see your shiny badge has arrived - continued to be proper pleased with yourself about that, and continue to enjoy running.

    :) xx

  • I wont lie I was worried that once I had completed that I would not feel enthused about keeping on going without Laura, but now that I have completed, I have the bug and the hunger to do 5k in 30 mins, 5k first though without stopping.

    I like my shiny and am going to keep it nice and polished

    Thank you x

  • Good goals. I think it took me about 3 weeks after graduation to reach the magic 5k distance - I was ecstatic! Now I'm working on doing 5k in 35 mins - got soooo close yesterday so I'm hoping that this week or so I'll manage that.

    Now you've got the bug you're bound to do well with your goals - good luck.

    :) x

  • Great inspiration to me who has just started. Brilliant. And I love the graduation pics. Well done that lady

  • Thank you Barbara, that is kind of you, good luck on your journey, and remember to trust in the program and that you can do it. Well done to you for making the step - keep up the good work xx

  • What a great idea to dress up for graduation..You rock the graduate look..Well done and happy running !

  • Well I had mucked about about if for a while, so thought that I would improvise and have a bit of fun, felt in a happy mood for some reason hehe - thank you for your support over the past few weeks and happy running to you to x

  • Congratulations and happy running

  • Well done Jude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a proper star! I love your graduation rig out. Ha ha

    I hope you enjoyed your celebrations, you deserved them. Fancy, your next run will be your GRADUATION RUN. Ooooer. The running adventure starts here.

  • Glad you like the outfit, think I should have ironed the shirt and wore some lippy, maybe when I get to 10K lol, I will look even redder then. Thanks for your encouragement over the weeks and well done again for the HM. Wow graduation run, never thought of it like that .... well I mus-sent let my public down hehe xx

  • Congratulations Jude :0). Loving your graduation outfit. Good luck with becoming a is good to get out there :0)

  • Well done, Judef! Woo Hoo! Doesn't it feel great to finish the programme?! A graduation ceremony was a fabulous idea! :)

  • Fantastic news....well dome

  • Fantastic - what a brilliant way to celebrate :)

  • Amazing! Well done :)

  • Congratulations! Love your graduation outfit :-D, well done you!

  • Congratulations on making it! That is truly inspirational and it must feel so goood too! Well done :)

  • Thank you everyone, great to have such support on this forum xx

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