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I’m back (Again)


I’m happy, just back from a 5k run. First time running it all without any walking breaks in a few months.

I had back problems a few months ago, I was told by the Physio I had to take a break from running for a while. So I’ve been easing myself back for the past month.

I took it nice and slow, but steady and comfortable and ran the 5K in 38:07. I’ll work at building up my endurance sticking to 5K. So happy to have ran 5K again. Feels great to be back.

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Great to hear that you have the distance back, nice one.

Welcome back 👍.

Hope you can keep going


damienairGraduate in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks. I will keep it going now.

Hi damienair...sorry to hear you picked up an injury. Good to have you back running with us😊x

damienairGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you so much. I’m a long way away from 30 minute 5k’s. But who cares, it’s great to be back.


Yay! Good to see you back!

Welcome back. It's so good to hear about people coming back after injury; it's one of the things that really terrifies me. I am really impressed with your dedication xxxx


Thank you. I had taken a break from running last November and December. In January I started the year off by doing 5K every day for the month of January, walking 5K one day and running 5K every second day. I had built up a good base again and continued running through February. In March I hurt my back during the heavy snow fall. Turned out it was due to a slightly dislocated left hip. So I was advised to give up running during Physio and for 3-4 months afterwards. But all is good now and I will keep going and training. Plan is to get back into Parkrun in October.

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