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I graduated in January, ran regularly for a short few weeks, then due to a work pressures and getting sick, slowed down, then stopped. I was nervous about starting running after about 6 weeks of sloth. But today did a 35 minute hilly run and kept going another 8 minutes walking/running to make it up to 5k. I was afraid that I would need to start back partway through the program, but all went just fine, if a bit slower than before I stopped. I am very happy to be back!! I plan to do 5k by whatever combination of running and walking 3X a week for a bit, then start increasing the distance.



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  • That's fantastic and what a boost. The run/ walk method is perfect and suits many people ... Good luck 😎

  • Well done!  And on a hilly route too.  Sounds like you have a good plan there.  Happy running :)

  • Well done on getting back. That's a great start! Now that winter is over I'm also hoping I can build up a good routine of running at least 3x a week. 

  • Winter over?  You probably don't live in Cumbria then!  It's sleeting here today, but I am determined to get back out there.

  • Hmm - well let's say, now that the worst of winter is over. Or now that we're on the right side of winter! And true - I don't live in UK, but in Munich. We have a cool 7 degrees with sunshine today - actually perfect for running!

  • Winter is over here - though sometimes it is hard to tell, as it is raining most every day. But warm enough to go running in a tee shirt instead of a jacket, and the birds are singing. I'm on the Pacific coast of Canada.

  • that is excellent !!! thank you for showing us newbies it can be done and that you can overcome the obstacles we encounter :-)

  • Well done! That is such a good idea, combining the walking and the running. Happy 5ks!!

  • Well done Joan.  I have also had a break of four weeks due to 'one thing and another'!  I hope to get back to it slowly this week.

  • Well done for getting back out there and reminding yourself of your abilities.

  • Well done on getting back out there :) main thing is to enjoy it :) 

  • Well done Joanee.  That´s one of my worries, letting life get in the way of running.  Once I leave it a couple of days it can be hard to get back to it, mentally more than physically.  That´s a brilliant achievement after 6 weeks off.  Good luck with keeping at it!

  • Hi Joanee - I thought you'd been quiet.  I too have been ill with a ghastly upper respiratory bug.  Just started to walk the dogs energetically uphill but still got upper chest pain.  Hoping to improve this week.  Holiday in Portugal coming up soonish so hopefully running there will be wonderful!  Glad you're better.

  • Hi Kay! Glad to see that you have a graduate sticker on your name. I had one of those respiratory things last year and it took a long time to feel like I could take a deep breath without that tight, achy feeling - so be patient. Running in Portugal sounds like a great thing to look forward to. Spring is here on the Pacific coast, with daffodils out and a great deal of rain.

  • Well done!  Thank you for being an inspiration for the new graduates (myself included) and show that it is possible to get back to running without having to go back to the beginning!

  • Thanks for the lovely feedback everyone. Really like the "one thing and another" phrase, as that is really what it was for me - along with a good helping of underlying laziness. But it feels good to overcome it. I think that the training in a running mindset you get from religiously following the C25K programme is at least as important as the physical conditioning. I was telling myself to keep at it, slow and steady, and that felt just right.

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