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Almost starting again


Greetings to all,

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and best wishes to all for 2018.

I had not ran since the beginning of November. Was away a lot with work and at conferences and just over a few weeks I had not ran. I went out on Boxing Day to run off some of the excesses of the past 2 months, wow, amazed at how much I had lost my fitness. It’s almost like starting again. I managed a slow 3K. Got out again today and again managed a faster 3K.

Looking forward to building back up again to 5K and 10K over the next couple of months. I’ll take my time and do it right.

Happy New Year, glad to be back visiting the Forum again. Don’t think I’ve been here since October.


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Use it or lose it Damien!!!

That said, you will probably surprise yourself how quickly things start to feel good again.

At least you know a safe and reliable training plan to get you there.

Take it easy.

damienairGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Cheers. It’s good to be back. Painful but good.


Hey Damien! Its good to see you back mate. Was wondering how you were doing and if all was well. Hope work is settling down for you now. No worries, you will be back in tune in no time.

damienairGraduate in reply to Decker

Cheers Decker. All is good and yes I’m planning to get back in shape during January. I needed this Forum to get my running legs back in motion.

DeckerGraduate in reply to damienair

That is great to hear Damien. Yes this forum is a wonderful motivator. Best of luck with your progress going forward


Snap - I'm in the same boat. Only a couple of runs in October, none in November and three in December (one today) due to various circumstances and I can't believe how fast my fitness has fallen away (I was a regular 5-ker around the 34m mark). Last week I struggled to put in a slow 2k and I've been out today and had to put some walks in a 2k - mind you that might be down to Christmas excesses :-) Like you I feel that I'm almost having to start again!. Saying that I'm thinking I may well go back to the C25k programme and start maybe at Week 4. I'm never going to let this running lark slide again if I can possibly help it - it's too depressing!

Good luck with getting back into it; think you're right to take your time and you will get there.

damienairGraduate in reply to CarolStr

I have eaten and took part in too many Christmas parties and nights out with Customers. I’m after having a quiet Christmas. But I am looking forward to a healthy New Year and looking forward to getting back in shape. I think we will both be back on track soon. Good luck to you too.👍

CarolStrGraduate in reply to damienair

Me too (along with some others I suspect :-) ) Keep posting on the forum and we will get there.

Nice to hear from you Damien. Welcome home It’s tricky when you get out of the rhythm of 3 runs a week. I have been working on doing that, even if the week day runs are shorter, or 30 mins of intervals. Good luck and keep us up to date with the progress

Well 3k is not bad after your break. Keep going and you'll soon be back to your previous running achievement 🏃

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