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I got to the end of 30 minutes this morning and realised I was within shouting distance of 3 miles and so I kept going.

I ran for an extra 4 minutes. Even taking off the 5min walk either side I still ‘run’ slower than some people walk. And I know 5k is technically a wee bit more than 3 miles. And it’s actually taken me 12 weeks to get here.

But I did it! I made my body move for three whole miles.

Considering how much I struggled to run for 60 seconds when I started this crazy plan I am feeling awfully proud this morning. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Just two more runs to go.

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Well done! Nearly there now. Take care and have fun on your last two runs

Read the various threads about where next 🙂


Very well done... 3 miles is great... that last 0.1 can wait til your graduation run 😀


Well done! Nearly on the podium! 😄

Super impressed! Well done!

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