W9R1: New York run

W9R1: New York run

So, we did it. Got the subway early this morning up to Central Park for week 9 Run 1.

It's glorious weather here and the whole experience was very special. Central Park is a wonderful place to run, very runner friendly with broad tracks and plenty of water fountains.

We did a lap of the central reservoir (think Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man). It's supposed to be running only and everyone has to go anti-clockwise, although we saw a couple of people breaking these rules, including an ageing socialite power walking. (Also saw a couple people walking huge numbers of very expensive looking dogs).

After the reservoir (which is only about an 1.5 miles all the way round), we broke off into the main park, down slopes and under bridges. Run was good, and felt great between 15 and 25 minutes. The last few minutes felt tough, largely because of a hill I needed to conquer, but I stuck it out and completed it. Could have lived without Laura giving me time checks every five minutes, but whatever.

It was all great fun and I want to do it again. Photo at top was taken during the warm up walk. Wish I'd been able to take more. There were some great views.

EDIT: this was the first run of week 9, not the graduation run - there was a mistake in the header. Apologies for the confusion


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24 Replies

  • what a great place to run! Looks amazing!!

  • Wow that's great!a run to remember!😊

  • Congratulations vivster, what a way to do your Graduation run!  I love New York, can't wait to revisit.

  • Just WOW! Brilliant.. well done you! x

  • Would love to run there looks fab

  • That sounds amazing, one of my ambitions is to run in Central Park!

  • Wonderful photo! I would love to run in Central Park☺

  • What a fabulous graduation run! Many congratulations. One for the memory bank. 

  • Wow what a great photo and beautiful place to run - my then fiance and I eloped to New York last year to get married so it has a very special place in my heart :)

  • Oh that sounds so romantic Louisella ! xxx

  • It really was, it was just the two us, quite possibly the least stress free wedding ever! We got to do exactly what we wanted - it was perfect :) I can highly recommend it! xx

  • Oh how lovely! You must go back, and go for a run. 🙂 I've been a couple of times before but this is the first time with the husband, and running on holiday is a new thing for me. Adds a whole new dimension to experiencing a new place.

  • Maybe I could persuade hubby that we should go again so I can do my graduation run there....not sure I'll get away with it but it's worth a try  : ) Wonder if our love lock is still on Brooklyn Bridge - hope so!  

  • Well done Vivster ! Cor , that looks amazing ,how exciting !

    Was that Week 9 Run 1 or Week 9 Run  3 ? :-) xxx

  • Glad it's not just me that got confused????

  • Wow vivster what a place to graduate...

    Fantastic scenery...even the skyscrapers.

    It is quite hilly though I remember. Good luck. .its no walk in the park. Lol😉😊😊

  • Thanks Jan! Not graduation just yet, but I'm working on it.

  • Hope you get chance to do your next two whilst you are away. That would be very special.. its special anyway though....😊

  • oops!! Sorry. It was run 1. Why did I put 3? I wasn't trying to con you, honest. In my defence, we'd had a crazily long day and I'm still a bit jet lagged. Plus I had to type the whole thing twice because I managed to lose the first draft.

    So please consider this Run 1 of week 9. And don't go giving me my graduation badge yet. I will put an edit in the header.

    But yes, if anyone has the opportunity to go to NYC, then you must go running in Central Park.

  • We will let you off Vivster ,just this once :-)

    Ah , it does sound such a fab place to run , Lucky you xxx

    Enjoy every moment, will you be doing your Graduation Run over there ? :-) xxx

  • It was super, really good fun. I was worried it was going to be all elite athletes on the running track but it was all sorts, although I got overtaken plenty.

    The plan is we do another Central Park run tomorrow, so that will be Run 2, but then we're leaving the city tomorrow afternoon and going I'm not sure where. I may leave graduation till I'm home. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

  • Sounds like a wonderful run in a great place 😀

  • Did that same thing with my nephew on the morning of his wedding June 2014. Such a good memory- but incredibly hot and humid. glad you enjoyed it.

  • Missed this post Vivster, looks fab!!!

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