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I've got something to train for!


The wife, (bless her) pointed out that now I'm running with the lad, we could do a run for charity together. So after a few seconds, (she's quick is our lass) we've decided we're gonna do the Coalville colour run! It's 5k, so I'm gonna try and up my distance to around seven k by then, just so I know I can ace it. I've got nearly 3 weeks, so I recon I can squeeze in at least ten runs, and as I've done a 5k already, I think a target of 7 is achievable, even if it is difficult.

Bring on the colourfulness!

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You'll do fine. Extending to 7 should be no problem in 3 weeks - go for it!


They’re amazing these females aren’t they? Shame there not taking care of brexit, it would have been done in one meeting.

Great idea she had, and yes you can do 7... you know the drill, slow and steady. Hope you both enjoy the run.


I'm thinking increasing by 500 metres every third run, what's the consensus? Good idea or bad?

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Jundal

Well, that’s 10% and then in 3 weeks you’re there! Sounds like a good plan.


Colour run sounds great fun. If you have run 5K already you don't really need to up your distance ... although I am same as you I would want to be able to do a couple K more so it is the bank.

The usual increase would be 10% of your weekly mileage/Km .. just take it steady and take those rest days and don't sweat it if you don't get to 7 .. You can do 5 already 😀

Other than that have a fun run 😁

JundalGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Will do, I'll even take a colourful picture of us at the end!

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