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Week 7 run 1 completed.

Did the 1st run of the week yesterday, first 10 minutes not very good, legs achy, breathing mostly okay (by that I managed to get air into my lungs), slow down, slowed down again and tried to slow some more (slow runner anyway), by then its as if I pushed through a barrier and my body said o okay then I will shut up !!!!!!

So very pleased to say that one is completed.

mm thinking back to last run of week 6 and week 5 it appears( my body or mind) to settle down after around 10 minutes mmmmm think I will watch that.

Run 2 of week 7 on Wednesday.

Glen :)

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Hi Glen, it was my first run of week 7 tonight and I know what you are referring too about the first 10 mins! But then I just seemed to slip into it, breathing was right & legs felt OK, the last 5 mins were tough but I decided to push myself and did it.

Well done 😃 you will be fine on Wednesday (my 2nd run as well that day!).

Let us know how it goes on Wed.


Run 2 was better this morning, I ignored the gremlins for first 10 minutes or so and was able to complete no problem. How about you ?


Hi Glen, run 2 was better for me tonight, I didn't think it was going to be left work felt weary and got an headache, but I thought lets give it a go. Like wise I ignored the 10 minute gremlins, I even upped my speed a bit and gave a finally push on the last few minutes.

Well done you 🏃😃


I've started to refer to the first 10 minutes of any run as the "toxic 10". I struggle so much to start, then suddenly my body seems to say "OK, lets go" and I get into my stride and start to enjoy my run.


o you are sooo right :)


It's always the first 10 minutes that are the most painful, even now for me. I often set off on a run and within minutes my legs ache and I start to think I'm not going to be able to do It but , you push on through it , get into a rhythm , and you will do it. I found slowing my pace helped massively. I never thought I was running too fast until one day I tried slowing right down and the breathlessness, and aching legs, all went!


yes I know just what you mean about slowing down LOL :)


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