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Fighting back...


So I've had a bit of a wake up call, as a 46 year old man weighing in at 18 stone i was told by my gp i was pre diabetic.

I have a real love for life but my love for food, wine and beer has finally caught up with me and i was shocked to have had it confirmed to me that my body is pre diabetic and have also been put on ramipril to lower my blood pressure.

This was the motivation I needed to make some positive changes to my lifestyle and a friend of mine suggested C25K.

Week 1 and 2 were tough for someone like me who hasnt run for probably 20 years, but week 3 (3 mins of running) is proving very hard to me as i gasp for breath at the end of each 3 min section.

I'm determined to see this through so i can so 5k at the end of the program but boy its tough!

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Well done for taking control of your health and your life.

Its a great decision and I am sure you won't regret it.

Have you read the guide to the programme?

No one said it would be easy but don't push yourself too hard. You need to gain strength and stamina as you go to stay the course.

Keep it up and enjoy it, your life is gonna change (and your health!) 👍😉


Huge well done and welcome...!

Have you checked this post is full of useful advice:)

The mantra here is slow and steady..( I am infamous for giving that advice all the time) . It works.. for all of us... if you are struggling..then sow down... :) Simple as that.

Also, maybe take a peek at the Eight week eating regime of Michael Mosley ( TV's Trust me I am a Dr). We found this and added it and use parts of this in an already healthy eating regime.. ( husband is a type 2 diabetic) it has great ideas and great meal ideas.. not fussy or hard to prepare.

The only thing is, we don't fast..,and we don't stick to the calorie intakes either.. husband's meds make that tricky and I need to fuel my runs:)

Just take it gently...listen to your body and add some strength and stamina exercise in on some rest will help. Non impact though.. walking, cycling, swimming or sets of exercises. Even a day in the garden can add towards that exercise:)

Keep posting too for support and encouragement... there are many who like you have passed this way.. and are doing amazing things... I am an old snail and still here, still running three times a week ..after nearly three years:)

You are going to love this... so just relax and head onwards:)

Well you’ve definitely made the right decision starting this programme! It’ll go a very long way to turning your health, and life in general, around. 👍🏻 So well done! 👏👏👏

Fabulous that you’ve done the first 2 weeks. I wonder if you’re finding W3 so tough because you’re simply trying to run too fast? You’ll hear the mantra ‘slow and steady’ on here often. The moment you start to struggle, slow down. And then slow down some more. As long as you’re doing a running motion, it can be slower than walking pace if necessary. Here’s you ...... 🐌🐌

Keep at it! It’s a brilliant programme and it will 100% help you! Go smash it. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️👏👏🙌🙌😀😀

Well done for taking control. This is a great programme and forum. If you hang out here you will get lots of support and advice and find other people are at the same stage as you, with whom to share your journey. You can do this!


Congratulations on starting! It IS tough. We all found it tough going though so it’s not just you 👍🏽 remember to slow down and slow down again as you progress through to longer runs. You can do this and it’s an amazing feeling when you have finished each run. Stick with this forum as the support is fantastic!

Well done for starting slow and steady best advice I was given 😃


Good job so far. Pre-diabetic is a warning and you took notice. Take the programme steady and your doctor will be very happy when you have undone some of the harm. Don’t worry about the 5k by the end, just think about the 30 minutes that’s what will make the bigger difference to your health. 90% of the graduates here didn’t run a distance of 5k during the programme, all are much healthier than they were at the start. Most go on to do 5k after.



Hi and well done for getting out there😊

I'm another one who advocates slower than slow if your finding the breathing hard going.

We're the same weight but I've a couple more years attached to mine lol

In the early weeks I was convinced I'd never do this - I puffed and huffed and sweated - then after reading posts from the sage people on here I stopped trying to race and began to run. We are all learners and taking that advice has got me to the end of wk8 - wk 9 and graduation next wk hopefully.

Best of luck with it - you've done the hard part by starting now just relax into the program and trust when it tells you you can do it - you can and you will. 😊x

Well done you! Excellent advice from everyone; I can only repeat it - take it. S L O W and trust the programme. You can definitely do it! We all felt the same but you just need to keep at it, slowly but surely.

All the best xxx


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

You won't regret doing this and in all probability you will have a new love for a very different aspect of your life in the near only get one life.

Enjoy your journey.

Wow... Thank you all for your encouragement.. There's nothing as motivating for me as seeing an inbox full of messages from you all!

W3R2 this morning and i took it slower than normal and my breathing was much better. Thanks again x

BowlofsteamGraduate in reply to Nd2dogs

Good news!! And good for you. Keep it up.👍😬

linda9389Ambassador in reply to Nd2dogs

Brilliant. Keep going slowly, keep posting and mist of all enjoy the amazing sense of achievement as you tick off the runs. This program really does work 🙂. You can do it 🙂


Well done for getting off that sofa and doing something towards making a change. I had never run before I started this programme (I am also 46) and believe me, those first few weeks were probably the toughest thing I have ever done. It would have been so easy to give in but then I joined this forum and it kept me going. The encouragement and support on here is amazing and made me believe I could finish it. I had to slow down and even now I find myself going too fast but listen to the advice to slow down, it really makes all the difference. I have just done my second 25 minute run of this week. I never would have thought I could do it once let alone twice. Good luck and keep going, the sense of achievement after each run is amazing. Looking forward to hearing how u feel In A couple of weeks when u do the 20 min run (I found it a real turning point in my self confidence) 😁

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