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Back after some time off


Having graduated last year, and loved this programme, everything went well for about a month, but Missing the structure of the programme things started slipping away and 6 months later I was a stone and a half heavier and had stopped running completely. So had a look at my bmi on the nhs calculator and turns out at 12 stone 6 and 5,3 that makes me obese.

So decided to do something about it.. I signed up for 5x50.

I changed my eating habits, and upped my water intake and started reading everyone's motivational posts on here oh and I bought a jawbone up tracker. Greatest thing in the world by the way, I'm obsessed.

Absolutely loving getting back into the running. It's hard but rewarding, I've went back to using the podcasts, but using them a little Differently, it seems to be working for me. I'm doing a slow jog on the walking phases and a steady run on the faster bits. Like interval training I guess. This will hopefully get me up to a faster speed than what I used to run at, I was never able to get my 5k to under 30 minutes as I only ever had one speed, a slow jog. Not there yet, 4km in 30 minutes is the closest I've got, but I know I will get there.

So I'm on week 4 of my own version of the programme and loving it. Alternating my days of cycling and running. Day 30 of the 5x50 event. And down to 11 stone 11. My jawbone up tells me I'm doing on average 30,000 steps a day about 20km. 1k. An hour at work and 5k exercise and the rest is dog walking.

Some days are really hard, when I just can't be bothered going out for a 5k run or cycle, esp when it's raining, but the main thing is I'm doing it. The drive and determination that all started from this little forum has really changed me as a person

Love being back....

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I know where you are coming from - and only a few days ago, announced my intention of repeating the Programme , but this time putting more effort into it as I now know that I can do all of the weeks intervals.

They say that the reason most people's attempts to diet fail, is that they are just focused on the actual diet they happen to be using and watching their weight -- but the only way to keep the weight off is to incorporate the "diet" into THEIR "diet"

I am feeling the same thing applies to running - we have now run 3 times per week for 9 weeks to complete the programme -- but we need to continue to do that as part of our lives. Whether we do that by going on to bigger things, or do it to try to become faster, or do it because we enjoy doing it ( what did I just say?? - am I stupid??) -- we have to keep on doing it until they hammer the lid on the box! Otherwise it will be just another "fad" - like hoola-hoops!.

bikergirlGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Exactly. Could not have said it better. I know this time around not to make the same mistake i did last time and to plan something perhaps a 10k programme after this then something after that and so on. Like anything in life you don't just learn something and then you become it. You have to continuously work at things learning and improving or you get bored. Whatever the thing may be. Good for you doing the programme again. Im trying this time to also focus on things such as posture. Which was missed out the first time around as like most people originally i was just happy to finish a run.

danzargoGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Hear hear to this!


Well done on getting back out there. 30k steps a day is amazing! I agree with you about this program. It changes your mindset as much as your fitness. Good luck with the 5x50!

bikergirlGraduate in reply to jenniej

Thank you very much. Need lots of luck with the 5x50 my poor body doesn't know what's hit it lol


BIKERGIRL I've missed you! No, really I have. I remember you ribbing me about my playlists to run to back when I'd just graduated. So pleased you are back with "us dudes and dudettes".

It's interesting to read your story about stoping running and giving up the cigs, then putting weight on. It just goes to show how quickly and easy it is to get into habits that are comforting - ie, eating and doing zero exercise. I believe that once you get your mojo back and you get into the regularity of running, the weight will come off easily - especially if you keep to a calorie goal, like myfitnesspal uses. I must say I'm a huge fan of that - cos it's worked for me in losing 1.5 stone in 4 months.

Keep updating on here ok? Otherwise I'll send da boyz raaahnd!!! Hahaha!

bikergirlGraduate in reply to danzargo

Hahaha... Nice to hear from you. Good to see your doing so well. Its my fitness pal for me too. How do you find your sugar intake on that, mine is sky high no matter what i eat. That's a fab weight loss. Fingers crossed i can do as well as you.

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