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Can't believe I have got this far.. 4km and

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I think that this whole fitness lark is actually the most effective form of procrastination I've ever embarked upon as I should be focussing on getting back to studies after maternity leave.. but whatever the reason behind it, I'm so very chuffed that I started.

I just smashed week 5 run 3!! I ran for 20 minutes but when Sarah said I could stop, I was on a very dark cycle path and felt as though I needed to keep going until I got to the main road so I ended up running the 5 minute warm down walk too! (Maybe adrenaline fuelled but still chuffed). I walked 2 or 3 minutes home and I've done extra stretching since getting in so hope I'm not too stiff over the next day or two.

Have heard that week 6 is a tricky one that should not be underestimated but, for the first time since starting, I am confident that I will eventually graduate and then can work to the magic 5k.

Only a slight irritation... My phone battery died while walking the dogs yesterday and I had started mapmyrun to measure the route. So I started the app today for my run, completed my almost 4k but although my 2nd 3rd and 4th km took first took 2908 minutes 😣 on the plus side, it thinks I burnt 8.8k calories! 😁 Swings and roundabouts! 😊

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It sounds like you're doing just fine! Good luck with week 6 - it isn’t tricky really, just take it slow and you'll be fine 😀👍🏃‍♀️

Thank you.. I'd been worrying about it.

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