Last run tomorrow - can't believe how far I have come!

Well its Week 9 Run 3 for me tomorrow morning. The past 9 weeks have gone by unbelievably fast (a lot faster than my running pace!) and I've gone from huffing and puffing my way through 60 seconds at a time with much needed walk breaks to slowly jogging for half an hour without stopping. If someone had told me I would be able to do this 9 weeks ago I would have thought they were stupid for having that kind of faith in little old me! Can't wait for my badge!

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  • Well done, Its my first day tomorrow, so I hope I can stick to it as well as you obviously have..

  • Wow, well done you. I just did week 4 run 2 and really pleased with myself. Couldn't run for more than 20 seconds before I started this, can't believe I got up on a Sunday morning and can run for 5 minutes. Hope you are really proud of yourself :)

  • Well done, I can't wait to get that far & feel that sense of achievement! Being able to run is an amazing feeling!

  • Good luck for tomorrow. Can't wait to read your graduation blog...hope you are practicing your whoops tonight in preparation :) :)

  • Well done you i am dreading doing w2 r1 but hey we all got to do it and stick to the plan hehe mmm wonder if i may call it quits and give up all these people saying they coming ot the end lol am kidding not giving up

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