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20 mins run - done!


Just complete week six run 1 and coped well with the 20 minute run period. However, after a couple of hours I have backache. Think it probably running and walking these hills in austria. Could be poor technique. Any advice would be great.

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If you’re new to running and/or exercise then you will feel it! Week six is tough, and coupled with your walking, your back is feeling the pressure. Your back muscles will get stronger as you keep going with the slow running Walking is great so keep doing that

Strength work at home or gym will always pay off 💪👍😃 Also,swimming, cycling etc


Yup, agree with misswobble . Your legs are getting really strong, but the rest of your body is getting left behind. Core Strength exercises will help with this. Good luck with week 6! That looks a lovely place by the way!

As above but also concentrate on posture. it's easy to let everything slouch a bit when you get tired.


As you get stronger your core wil ,hold you up better. When it’s early days you tend to slump when you’re tired. If that happens just haul yourself up and run on 🙂


Also - there's a couple of stretches that might ease the aches too. There's a link to post-run stretches in the FAQ "how to run C25K" - nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/h... . If you don't want to lie down to do the lower back stretch, try the yoga pose "standing pigeon", this is what I do after seeing it suggested somewhere on a running website, though it requires a bit of balance.

But do look into some strength exercises as suggested, and your posture, as well! Keep up the good work.

You might need to consider the support of your shoes. Worth having a consultation at a proper store to look at your gait etc. Core exercises will help as already suggested. Best of luck and what a beautiful place to be running, how lucky!!

Schmutzig in reply to Elmz

I have a house on the hill - I’m

Normally skiing down the hills, not running up them!

Excellent run that's my next one!..

Personally I do plank , side plank and Superman's at home before I run to make sure the core is activated.

I warm up with the apps brisk walk but I add dynamic stretches (leg swings, how skips, etc).

When I'm running I ensure I try and activate the TRA muscle whilst still breathing. Harder than it sounds as its a mild contraction off the muscle not tense.

A physio told me about this and most people do it without realising anyway.

Check YouTube videos out for anything to help with jogging warm ups because they'll prepare your body better than a 5 min walk.

Any advice/feedback is welcome and keep up the good work! 😀😀😀

Schmutzig in reply to Agi74

TRA muscle?

Agi74 in reply to Schmutzig

Transverse abdominus.. Apparently it's the connector between upper lower body and the core, should be activated when doing most movement.

Everyone in the physio group found it hard to do properly because we weren't aware of it.

Check online for some videos on it. Ultimately the body needs to be strong because we're subjecting force through it. Muscle ,tendons etc should be strong enough to absorb that impact.

Key is to light and build slowly.


I am not knowledgeable enough to give advice. But I do love the scenery.

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