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Wk3 R2

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Did run tonight but I found it extremely hard! I felt like giving up! Thankgod I didn’t I pushed myself very hard and did it!!

My legs and knees just didn’t want to cooperate with the rest of me!! I’m hoping I can achieve R3 on Wednesday but I’m feeling a bit anxious about it!!😞

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Well done for pushing through 👏. You did it, and will be fine on Wednesday ... we all have hard runs and then the next one seems so much easier than we expect 😊

Thankyou Jacqui for your support 😀

Well done for completing your run. Wednesday may be completely different. Don’t let those head gremlins get to you. No two runs are the same 👍🏻

Thankyou for your support, I will try my hardest to get away from them 😀

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Week 3 can be tough, but you're nailing it. Onwards and upwards

Thankyou for your support, definitely onwards and upwards 😀

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You can...just keep it very slow and very steady:)

Thankyou for your support and advice 😀

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That’s 8 runs down... you’re ready for the next... relax about it and don’t fear it... you got it.

Thankyou, I’m amazed I have come this far 🙂

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