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Wk3 R2

Just got back from my wk3 run 2. I've started by doing a fairly light jog downhill from my house as part of my 5 minute warm up "walk". Then I'm ready for the off and I must say I vary my route slightly every time to go down streets I don't know as it adds a bit of interest. I thought I'd got lost so did the first of the 3 minute runs worrying where I was instead of thinking I was out of breath. The final 3 minute was on the flat and is followed by a gentle downhill slope so I kept going for another three minutes. Needless to say I then have a 3-4 minute walk back up a steep slope to my house. If I can run for 6 minutes should I go to week 4 now?

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If I were you, I would stick to the program. It doesn't hurt to give your body time to get used to the exercise - unless of course you are a young spritely thing already fit just not through running, in which case it probably wouldn't hurt.


Yes on reflection its best not to get too carried away!


Sounds like it probably won't hurt you to try, although the safest bet is always to give your body time to adapt. Week 4 will quickly tell you whether you're ready for it or not. :-)


Thanks gary_bart, as a novice it's always good to come on here for advice. I'm sure you're right. I especially don't want to overdo things and get injured.


:-) I was a novice just two weeks ago. A few weeks before that, I was struggling. Another few weeks ago I put myself into constant back pain. Pain is quite a good instructor, sometimes.

Put it this way: Week 3 told me I was not ready for it, and I didn't listen. So it told me again. Having been through something like that, you know from experience that the closed door is going to stay closed.

I wish I'd come here earlier, actually. There are so many nice people who found other ways to injure themselves, and now save people from finding out about that the hard way.


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