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Wk3 r2 done & struggling!

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Having dragged myself out of bed this morning, no mean feat I can tell you, I’ve done Week 3 run 2.

It was hard, I was tired & I must admit I’m struggling; with running & motivation.

I’m only managing 2 runs a week at the moment due to time constraints.

I’m 47, overweight & unfit & this is my first real exercise in over 2 years.

I do want to do this, but..........

Motivation please 😳

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Firstly, well done for starting, especially at the time of year when you are more than likely to be running in the dark. You got out and did the run this morning which is a fantastic achievement. The programme is designed to get you running for 30 minutes but each week is a step up from the previous one so it will feel harder - but if you now went back and did run 1 you would find it a lot easier! In some respects it is a shame you can only get out twice a week as this will slow your progress - is it work shifts that is restricting you or family life? One of my weekly runs is done while my son is doing martial arts in a local town - I take him there go for a run then wait around for a short time to take him home.

If you have a regular slot for running each week I find this has helped me get into the running habit.

Just think about why you started and what you want to achieve and this will help your motivation

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shar1969 in reply to SC1472

Thank you - I actually don’t mind the dark - it means no one recognises me!

Work shifts, in the main, account for not getting out.

I’m better at running in the evening; more motivated to go but it doesn’t always pan out.

Planning is half my problem - I need to diary in my runs & do them.

I must admit I feel so much better this morning having got up & run - I’m ready to face the day!

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Motivation is very personal, so when you are having doubts, think what you original motivation was. Maybe write down a list of all the reasons why you want to learn to run, keeping it handy for those moments when you are wavering.

The plan delivers incredible results and really works. Most of us are having to restrain ourselves from running every day, but most can relate to the odd occasion when it was difficult to get out of bed and out of the door, however once the run is done there are never regrets.

Keep going and build that habit into your life for good.

I did the same run this morning and sounds that I had a better experience than you. But my W3R1 run on Saturday wasn’t the best and I was dreading the run this morning.

As other have said you have done the hard bit by getting out there already and are nearly a third way through the programme, so the changes that you have already made are the hardest.

Keep at it, if I can do this then you can too. Try to make the time your time.

It is hard. I really struggled on W3 R2, legs felt like lead and I was tired before I started but I want to run again and do better. It is the sense of achievement that is getting me through and I've been surprised each time I have moved on to the next stage and I actually managed it - which I have done on the whole. Good Luck

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