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Starting Over


Wish me luck! After the set back from a hysterectomy and then nine months later a major skin cancer MOHS procedure on my forehead and taking 7 months to completely heal; I am finally ready to get back out there. The big thing is that I have gained a ton of weight. I am meeting a friend from high school at the high school track just down the street and she is going to do this with me. I have always done this kind of thing on my own but considering this darn weight gain it is probably a good idea to have a friend go with? Seriously, from someone that used to be athletically built and then gaining 70 pounds..... It's a bitch being fat.... No pun intended. I am so self conscious of others calling me names while I jog but I have to just that roll off and focus. I seriously should have started back jogging a long time ago and I don't know why it has taken me so long...... Praying I can do this....

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Welcome back!! We are here to support you too. There’s been such a lot to prioritise so don’t feel bad about the gap, feel great that you’re on a new journey, so things will get better. Have some fun and certainly don’t be concerned that anyone may laugh at you. Although I know the feeling, I soon realised that it was so extremely unlikely and after facing the fear of outdoor running, I was so happy that I could run, I genuinely didn’t care if anyone did laugh. My mantra became “Out there, don’t care”! Feel free to use, as needed! After all you have been through, just enjoy claiming you back!! ❤️

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Thank you!! I needed to hear that! I think I'm going to enjoy Health unlocked!


What anyone else thinks is their problem!! You've come through a very difficult time and yes, it's had an effect but you're ready to get back up and show the world you're ready to rejoin the fray 💪

Good luck and I hope you find some fun with it too 😉

Doesn’t matter what others think, this next journey is about you for you. Hopefully you will find this s positive experience. Lots of support on this forum. Good luck for the future 👍🏻

Great that you’re able to make a fresh new start, and you won’t regret it! You’ve been through plenty, so this is ‘you time’, corny, but true!

We’re all here to cheer you on, offer advice, have a laugh with (we’re a friendly bunch), so if you need to whinge, moan, celebrate, whatever ..... we’re here and waiting!

Most of all, have fun on your journey, which will work by the way! Follow the programme, embrace your inner snail if you find things tough (no such thing as too slow!), and you’ll smash it, feeling better in yourself all the while. 😀

Good luck - you’ve got this! 🏃‍♀️💪🏻💪🏻👏👏😀😀


A HUGE welcome and a terrific well done you!

Please check this post out...loads and loads of tried and tested advice:)

Please read the advice... it is so helpful.

Then slow and steady..the mantra for which I am infamous:) it works.... listen to your body, which will complain! Then link this with a really healthy eating regime and you could be on to the best thing ever.. :)

Just take it gently.... warm up really well... try to land lightly ( I call it kissing the ground with your feet..)... then just as slow as you like. In the link there is a section on stretching too.. after each run.

Have a great time and keep posting your runs!


You are out there are awesome....if anyone calls out at you it will be cheers!!!

Keep it up! Like the others say, don't worry about what others think! I'm a size 18/20 and running makes me feel amazing and I'm not doing it for weight loss. I just throw on my spandex and head out. I always think that if people are going to laugh then let them, I'm enjoying myself so I don't care. But honestly, most people just look at me and smile, especially other runners. I even had a high five from a fellow female runner a few weeks ago. You run for you, let everyone else think what they like! X

First of all well done to you for coping with your health difficulties and now trying to focus on getting fit. I know about the fat bit and self conscious bit too but luckily I’ve not had to cope with cancer or a hysterectomy. You’ve done well to heal physically but now it’s the emotional and mental bit to work on - no doubt the hardest bit! Take it slow and even if the run becomes a walk until your body says it’s ok to run for a bit, that walk can only be doing you good! You’d be sat at home thinking about it otherwise! The confidence and physical energy will grow in you and each day will get easier. I’m still running at night with a head torch as I’m very self conscious!! No one can see me and I’m not wasting energy being embarrassed!! I’ve no doubt you’ll get there! Good luck😊😊

You have had a horrible time of it recently and now you are doing something for you. Good luck! x


Good luck! And well done for starting! I survived bowel cancer 16 years ago and have also had hysterectomy. I liked on weight. Lost it about 6 years ago with weight watchers but it has crept back.... I am hoping that diet combined with exercise will keep it off this time! 😁😁

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