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Starting the C25K

Oh My GOD!

I knew I wasn't very fit, in fact I knew I was far from fit, however, over the last 5 months I have lost 46lbs in weight and decided I needed to do more. I am currently 4lbs away from my target weight.

I have been walking a LOT, averaging about 5-6 miles a day so thought this was the next logical step. The last time I ran was many years ago, probably around school age (I'm 40 now!) apart from a quick sprint for the bus or train.

Six lots of 60 seconds running inbetween the walking was hard, very out of breath but I do have to say I enjoyed it in a strange way. Not sure I am looking forward to next time though with 8 "spurts".

Wish me luck!

I just have this desire to complete my transformation by doing a charity run at some point, based on today's effort that may be 6 months to a year away!

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Well done and good luck! You can do it!


Hi Daz

I have followed a similar path to u. I lost about 45lbs before starting C25K and had also been walking regularly. I also found the first few weeks a bit tough but I stuck with it and will finish Week 8 soon. Stick with it and you will look back in a few months and be amazed with the progress you can make.

Good luck!


Thanks aftabs, that's encouraging.

Congratulations on your weight loss too.


Wow. I am impressed by your weight loss. That's an amazing achievement. Welcome to the programme and the very best. I look forward to reading your posts. x


Well done on the weight loss and on starting the programme. I am on week 7 but it has taken me 10 weeks to get here and I am not much faster than snails pace. Keep posting here as it is a great place for support


You've already come such a long way - what a fantastic achievement! If, straight away, you don't lose any more weight (or indeed put a wee bit back on!) don't despair because a lot of people on starting the programme put a few pounds on. If you follow the tags on here you'll find some fairly scientific reasons for it (something to do with muscle weighing more than fat and your metabolism). After a few weeks most people report a weight loss as long as you are watching your food intake. Hope I haven't been a wet blanket but didn't want you to be discouraged! Best wishes- keep blogging! :)


Wow! That's amazing weight loss!

Enjoy the programme. I struggled through w1r1 not completing all the runs, but amazed myself as my fitness and confidence grew run on run and I'm sure yours will too!

Welcome to a great community! :)


Well done Daz, you can do it. The walking will help you. I used to try and walk at least 2 miles every day, then thought I try running. The legs are fine its the breathing I have to master. Good luck, look forward to reading your blogs.


I'd agree about the weight loss. I've lost about 3 stone over the last couple of years but the scales haven't budged much since c25k. I have got smaller though & my shape has changed. If I did it again I'd measure myself rather than relying on the scales. Good luck


Congratulations on the weight loss, enjoy the programme it really is fantastic and will help with weight control. Enjoy


Congratulations on your weight loss and for starting C25K! You'll see this program is cleverly made and you'll be amazed by what you can achieve. Good luck!! :-)


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