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Repeated w1r3


First time posting

I completed week one on Monday but was sick a couple of days so only today felt up to doing my next run, I didn't feel at all ready to progress so repeated week 1 run and went to the gym and did it on the treadmill. I found it much better, I know it's easier on the treadmill but it's given me such a boost to progress on to w2 now.

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Hi, great job nailing week 1, most people find it the hardest. If you feel ill then running may not be a good idea, but otherwise don't feel "not ready for" the next run in the programme. Check through the posts and see how many of us worry about what's coming up and how many come back and say " I did it".

Good luck with week 2 you can do it!


Nothing wrong with running on a treadmill Hannat! You’re running. That’s brilliant and keep doing what suits you best! Well done! 😁❤️


Welcome, and well done. Absolutely nothing wrong with repeating a run any time you want to, and nothing wrong with using the treadmill either. Keep coming back with updates on your progress, and good luck!

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