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So here's the thing....


Over the next couple of months I will be spending the best part of 6 weeks in India with work, been many times before and for all sorts of reasons, running outside is not an option but they have a fully equipped gym that is hardly used and an outdoor pool.

The question for all my virtual running buddies is, what should I do? I am considering streaking (in the running sense) on the treadmill or alternating treadmill and gym work (cycle and rowing machines) plus having the odd dip in the pool. Over and above that I want a challenge, do I go for faster times, longer runs or both? I have run 5k in under 29 mins and run 10k in about 64 mins (both of those outdide) , come on set me a (realistic) challenge!

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Right then, Steve.

First challenge is to haul your toned ass out of that Business Class seat and run a 10K up and down the aisle during the flight.

I'd go with alternating running and something else (probably rowing). Do a long (boring) treadmill run once a week, but treadmills will be good for shorter interval sessions and where they're supposed to be really good is for hill training. So some short sessions with the incline set at a decent number. Take some Podrunner podcasts with you maybe?

I'm sure someone will be along with something structured with numbers on it in a while.

Ease up on the curries tho :-) xx

BerksroverGraduate in reply to sallenson

I did say realistic! Although it can be a fair walk to the bar at the back of the upper deck on an A380 😉🍹I like the idea of the inclines though, because hills are my bete noire outside, thanks Stephen (I do love a good curry though and do tend to live on them out there)

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Berksrover

Worth that walk to the bar though Steve.....Mines a Dry Martini please......shaken not stirred. Emirates serve it perfectly 😎

BerksroverGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Be my pleasure, not sure how I could get it to you though, may have to drink it myself 🍸

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Berksrover

I could join you perhaps..... teehee! If you drink it go steady...... very strong 👍🏼 Along with the preflight champagne etc....... whats not to like? We are planning a further Emirates flight again shortly, I shall think of you when Im in the bar on the plane 😎

Dee_NGraduate in reply to Berksrover

You don’t have much choice but to live on them out there! 😉 Sounds like a great trip. And yes running outside is NOT an option! 😱


Well.. you could always just run and enjoy yourself... :)

Or start training for a HM.... work out a plan that incorporates, stamina and strength work in the gym... , swimming and running... It could be fun and if you logged it, may give others in a similar position some ideas:)

Oh and make sure the rest days are included too:) x


I think I'd try the hill options on the tready. 👍 Plain running on them can be a bit dull and unrealistic pace to the real world.

Sounds like fun though... mix it up! Make use of all on offer! 👍😁


I like OldFloss’s suggestion. Follow a HM training plan.

BerksroverGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

It's tempting Jay, will look into it


I think I would mix it up a bit, that way you can fit in a run/ exercise session to suit time and conditions (including your own condition). Use the time as a wind down from work, and enjoy👍🏼

BerksroverGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Bizarrely, it is usually a wind up before work, the teams I work with work to UK hours which means getting to the office at 12 30 local time and working until 9.00pm, so the opportunity is normally between 9-11 in the morning, plays havic with your body clock!


Do 1x5k, 1x speed intervals and 1 x slightly longer run/ hill intervals I reckon. Then gym in between 💪🏽 I’ve only just started doing hills in my running group and the impact on my running has been great very quickly! Good luck 💪🏽

Boo43Graduate in reply to Tasha99

I do something similar - 1 x5ish k, a couple of 3k's and an interval run a week. I'd like to try a Lakeland 5k trail next year so i might start making the 3k's hilly ones!

Tasha99Graduate in reply to Boo43

2 weeks of hills at running club has had a huge impact on my 5k time! 👌🏽43 seconds off today after 6 weeks getting nowhere near my previous PB ☺️

Boo43Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Wow! Thats great to know! I've only just graduated and got a few aches and pains at mo, but once i've got a regular routine started i'll def go for at least 1 hill run per week.

Lots of good suggestions already. I was just going to say why not concentrate on speed intervals / hills, Steve, but if you think you fancy HM training on a treadmill then go for it!

Pop back on here when you can to hear us all moaning about whatever weather we have in the U.K., and you’ll feel like you’re right at home still! 😊🏃‍♂️❤️


HM training plan sounds like a good idea - and signing up for the Reading HM (March next year) before you go would give you a tangible target too?


Speeeeed! Go for speed! And swim. And a complementary gym programme while you are there. You'll come back (even more) toned and fit :)

And have wonderful curries... ah, I love India! I did run outside there, very early in a park with hundreds of others, and met up with a friend from this forum which has been one of the highlights of my participation in HU :)


Berksrover, well I challenge you to have fun and do one of all you said each week. You seem to have a good variety. No pressure on the time in the gym or pool. You want to see a bit of India I’m sure. This way you define the plan that inspires you, but you already know the content. Do have a complete rest day too though. Can we have photos? 😉❤️

BerksroverGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Your wish is my command 😉

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Berksrover

My very own genie! I like it! 🧞‍♂️ ❤️


I know this is rather an old post but Just in case it’s of interest, I’ve just dropped a rowing interval workout review in the Strength and Flex Forum.

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