Have I failed?

Came back from a short spa break yesterday. While I was there, not wanting to miss a run, I did W5D3 on a treadmill, with a cool down of a few pool lengths and it was no problem at all, almost easy in fact. Thought I had better consolidate the W5D3 with a normal outside run, in particular because on another forum people have said treadmill running is less effort and also because I did it at zero gradient and my normal run is quite hilly. And this morning, I just didn't manage the whole 20 mins. Should I do it again on Tuesday and count today as a fail or should I just move on to week 6 knowing I have managed to do it once? Is treadmill zero gradient cheating and have I failed?


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  • Firstly we try not to use the word fail as it is very negative, you had a bad run. If you were doing the whole program on the treadmill you would of been happy with your run. So you could progress quite happily if you wanted, but I guess from the tone of your post you are not happy with not completing it on your normal terrain and as running is all about confidence, I would maybe consider doing it again just for your confidence sake not because of any failure or anything.

  • Oh and sorry, I will try not to use the F*** word again, just seen it's not ok on a different post!

  • (practice run;)

  • Never EVER think of any run as a failure. There are so many factors influencing anyone's running on any day - not enough hydration before hand, tiredness, wrong food eaten and the list goes on. You're RUNNING and you're doing something amazing for yourself - don't EVER punish yourself thinking you've failed - you're doing so well and have so much genuine support on here. I don't know anyone on here but everyone is so lovely and supportive - we're all in the same boat, working towards a goal and getting healthier. If you feel you need to do the run again, then do it but not because you feel a failure - you're quite simply NOT a failure. I did my first 20 minute run on a treadmill and it was a bit easier because, as you say, it was on the flat and you have no choice but to run - outside is more tricky as it's not flat or smooth invariably. Enjoy and take care x

  • There's no cheating or failing on this programme. There are good runs, bad runs, practice runs and epic runs. Whether you are on a treadmill or dragging yourself up a hill you are doing it and every step counts. In terms of repeating week 5 r3 - you will feel amazing when you do it on your normal route and it will give you the confidence to carry on through the later weeks of the programme so it might not be a bad idea. Btw big up respect to you running up hills. I only have short, mild inclines where I am and I find them hard enough. Also remember to go as slow as you need to - it's about time not pace or distance at this point.

  • Thank you so much guys; I have had to repeat a few days before (W4D1, W5D1 and W5D2!) But with all of those for some reason it had felt ok and this one really didn't. Just a bad day I guess.

    I quit everything and I really don't want to quit this time; today felt like I was on the verge of quitting. Just out the shower and looking forward to Tuesday now....

  • You're picking it up fast- no f*** word allowed!

    You did the run. Different terrain/ circumstance but you did 20 minutes continuously.

    I'd be inclined (hehe 🏃🏔) to call it done and move on, certainly don't let yourself dwell on it or think of quitting.

    Learn from it though- if you do a treadmill run in the future then a 1 or 2% incline is recommended but to be honest in the relative early stages of running you are building up quickly and I don't think the one change of run will throw you off or leave you unprepared at all.

    Week 6 can be awkward, don't be disheartened if you find it so, just keep going.

    Good luck 🏃🏃🏃

  • No "bad" runs either!!!!!

    Only "practice" and "success" runs!!!!!!

    Couch - BAD.

    Not going out door - BAD.

    Run - GOOD.

    Here endeth the (running) gospel according to Irish John, go in slow and steady "pace" Brothers and Sisters.


  • We don't as Realfoodieclub says, ever use the word f***.. we say blip..or , practice run or set back :) tee hee :)

    You are doing fine.. treadmill running and the big wide world are just different...:) You have not cheated or anything like that.

    If you wish to repeat it, then do so,..if you are happy with where you are, then carry on...

    But. maybe it could be fun, having another little go, .. but take it really steady and slow and enjoy the view :)

    Onward and upward :)

  • Another practice tonight but removed my excuses now; I should do this on Thursday!

  • And just to say; Smashed it!! 😁

  • Well done!!!!!

  • Thanks! About to go out to do W6R1.... 😁

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