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What gadget or app for measuring distance?

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Hi all. I’m currently on week four and am starting to get curious as to how far I’m actually running. Does anyone use any apps or gadgets which measure the distance you have run? Would love to hear your suggestions. Thank you.

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Oh yes... one or two 😂 people measure the stats!

Strava is hugely popular, mapmyrun, Nike run club, the choices are endless... it’s about 90% of the fitness section of the App Store.

Log by all means, but don’t change anything because of any stats until after you have completed the plan.

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Philidar in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you. I don’t think I would be able to change anything even if I wanted too!! It’s purely just to know the distance I am managing at each stage.

I just use the health one built into my iPhone (I didn't know it tracks distance/steps etc. until my son told me!) I'm sure someone will know of others :-)

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I wear a Fitbit with wrist-based HR monitor, which connects to the GPS on my phone. It produces a map of where I've run and graphs of the elevation as well as my pace and heart rate. More expensive and more dedicated running watches, e.g. Garmin, have built-in GPS (so no phone needed), and will give you even more information, e.g. cadence, let you select various training sessions, and all sorts of other stuff.

There are a number of phone apps that will give you a map and information about pace, elevation and so on. They all have slightly different features, so it's best to look at what they offer, try a few and decide which you prefer and/or whether you want the extras that paid premium membership will get you with some of them. For example: Strava, Endomondo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Nike +

Strava or my gear fit watch.

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Have a look at this post and replies from 19 hours ago.


I suggest starting with the Health app already on your phone - this is probably already tracking your runs and will show you how far you ran on the earlier C25K runs. It wont be terribly accurate as it is working from your steps, but it will be consistently inaccurate and so it is good to see how your distance is progressing through the weeks.

Once you're hooked (and perhaps as a graduation present / incentive), buy a Garmin Forerunner 235 running watch.

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I have a garmin forerunner 230. I’m sure I don’t use half the features but I like the split times and total distance

Blimey I'm must be really old fashioned. I ride my intended route on my push bike using the speedometer which records the distance then run it the following day.

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