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Distance measuring?



Anyone know of any means of measuring distance travelled on a run that doesn't involve buying expensive monitors / watches / gadgets?

I have a smartphone that goes with me as I listen to music and Laura at the same time.....so a good app would be great. Going so slow at the moment ( week7) but curious to see what distance I am travelling.

Any suggestions please?

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I use runkeeper. There's a free version and you can pay to unlock more features. I really like it because it tells you if you've beaten a personal record (set by distances, etc. achieved in previous runs), and you can track other activities like walking, too.

Good luck!


Another vote for Runkeeper🙂



I use the Nike+ Running app. No complaints so far!


Cheers all given me a few ideas to look at

I used Runkeeper for a number of month's with no problems, it's a good reliable piece of kit. Don't worry about your speed, that will come with time. But using Runkeeper you can see the progress you are making, well done for taking up the challenge and enjoy your running. 😊

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Another vote for Runkeeper - the free app is absolutely sufficient.


You obviously have access to a computer - so simply use the measurement facility in Google Maps. I also use Runkeeper - but that requires a phone - you can do much the same thing by getting a distance to run on Google Maps and simply time how long it takes you to run that distance.


I was on Map my run but it seemed to drain my battery really quickly. I've moved onto Strava where you can follow your friends who are also on the programme which is a great plus for me. It also measures your distance, pace, and theres a group on there for c25kers if competition and stats is your thing. Good luck and have fun!

I am using strava too. Use an mp3 for my c25k podcasts though and strava on my smartphone safely in a special waistband.. :)

Another vote for run keeper. If you are happy with the idea of an app, there are a few others too. Id pick one to try for a couple of weeeks and if yoire not happy just delete and pick another. I've not had any problems with run keeper I just use the basic version too. a colleague uses endumondo and really dislkied run keeper. There is one called run zombie run which I keep meaning to try but haven't. Are you on android? Just search running apps on google play and see what takes your fancy

Happy running

I didn't like the idea of using strava myself as I don't want to share my runs! But I've heard very positive reviews especially people who bike as well as run

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Wouldn't worry re sharing in Strava - each activity can be made private.


I use good run guide to map my runs. It follows footpaths too, which is why I use it google only seems to do roads.

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