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Got there in the end. More damp squib than firework. What now?


So, did my final couch to 5k over a week ago but had that moment 'ain't no rhyme or reason but your legs feel like lead'. After about 5 minutes of half-hearted effort I just walked and felt really cheesed off with myself. Not how I wanted to finish and although I somehow signed it off as a run I wasn't happy to 'graduate' on that performance. I have done a parkrun since then, just over 40 minutes and redid my graduation run last night. Now feel like I've genuinely graduated. But what next? I initially started the couch to 5k because I was frustrated at my lack of progress at parkrun. I've been doing parkrun now for about 18 months and love it as a great friendly and motivational start to the weekend. I'd got to the point where I could run (after a fashion!) the whole course, finish pain free and consistently finished around the 40 minutes mark. Before c25k, I was only doing one run a week and I know that was part of the problem. With rest days and continuing with parkrun, it took me around three months to do the programme which I think is fab by the way. My current parkrun PB is 37:03, definitely as a result of beginning the c25k programme but progress (measured in speed) slowed to a halt as the business end coincided with much hotter than average temperatures. Pleased that we have had a bit of a reprieve from the stifling heat but I seem to have stopped making progress and I want to get back into the zone. I am too realistic to expect to hit anything sub 30 but do feel that the 30 minute 5k is a reasonable goal. Don't really mind how long it takes as long as I can see steady progress or maintaining, otherwise I get discouraged. I have no desire to run for longer distances, to me 5k seems respectable but I'd like to look and feel more like a runner than a plodder.

I will be 58 this year and am about three stone overweight; although my shape has changed considerably, the pounds don't seem to be shifting. I am swimming, play netball and doing Pilates as well.

Please help, Bridge to 10k, by definition, seems to be focusing on the wrong goal for me. I want better performance over 5k and would like a programme that would help me to build up to this much like the c25k took us from nothing to running for 30 minutes. I have thought of repeating c25k once a year (but in the winter months, this year's heat has been intense), but hope there might be something more tailored to my needs.

Sorry for long post. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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There are three more podcasts in the NHS Couch 2 5K+ programme. Maybe they are what you are looking for?

RunKRunGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you for responding so quickly shub69. I shall check them out and let you know how I get on.

Meanwhile stick at it, it’s amazing really how quickly you make progress on the couch to 5k programme. Never worry if you have to repeat a run or take an extra rest day here or there. Just keep going. Look forward to seeing your progress. Xx


The C25k+ podcasts that have been suggested are definitely a good idea to help you speed up a bit

I'm building up to running 10k and I've found that as I've run further a 5k Parkrun feels like a more manageable distance so whilst you may not have the desire/ time to run 10k having a slightly longer run of 7/8k each week might help

Shifting weight is more to do with diet than exercise, running a Parkrun is not going to burn that many calories so you need to eat healthily to lose weight (you may already do this but didn't mention it in the post 😬😬)

Hope I've given you some ideas & good luck with chasing that Parkrun pb 😊

RunKRunGraduate in reply to slow-farah

Thanks _kitstyb. I looked at the links shub69 sent and have decided to try the speed one out at parkrun tomorrow! So far, because I am a Luddite and don’t know how to add it, I have done the whole of couch to 5k programme without music. I listened to the podcast and got quite excited at the prospect of running to a steady beat. Not that I had any idea who or what I was listening to! 😂

As for weight loss, it’s not my primary concern. I know what I should and shouldn’t eat. Generally though it’s probably mostly about portion control and I tend to eat better when I’m exercising regularly so the weight loss would be a bonus. I might mix it up a bit with the other C25k+ podcasts.

I’ll try to post more regularly with my progress. Xx

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