More like week 18 than week 8 - keep plodding ☺️

Hi I'm new to this (and all!) forums ☺️. You sound like a great supportive bunch so I thought I'd write. I started the couch to 5km back in May after about a decade of injuries (nothing dramatic but enough) which stopped me from doing anything more impactful than Pilates. Every time I got more adventurous, I got injured again! I had to abandon the couch to 5 km back in January 😔. Anyway, easy does it this time, with lots of rest days and little time over the summer holidays (kids), I completed week8 day1 last weekend. I was starting to feel that I can never finish anything when suddenly the goal was in sight!! Kids go back to school tomorrow (more time for exercise for me!) but I hurt my knee stepping up a window ledge to close it last Wednesday (ridiculous and frustrating - I'm only in my 40s, not 90s!) so perhaps I'd better give it a few more days to stop the niggle before I restart. I'm not sure I'll manage to do w8d2, perhaps better to take a it a week back to avoid further injury.

Anyone else experience a lengthier road than 9 weeks but got there in the end? I refuse to believe that I'll never run and be fit again but my body seems to have different ideas! Happy weekend everyone - I'll try not to be envious of those heading out for a run today 👏👍. No motivation needed when body is able for exercise - too many times when it wasn't!


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14 Replies

  • Well done for getting this far! I had my fair share of injuries in the beginning of the programme. In fact I was two weeks in to the programme when I sprained my ankle and was out for 10 weeks. I started last July and finished the programme only to have another calf problem which put me out another month. Thankfully I haven't had any other troubles since. You are right in saying its best to take plenty of rest days and to take it easy to begin with. I think my legs were basically weak from lack of exercise and it has taken a while to get in better condition. I'm 50, so there was a lot of work to do! You will get there but go at your own body's pace. If your knee is painful, rest fully before you start again. It is worth it in the long run. A year on and I can now run 10k- in fact I'm off shortly to take part in my first 10k race so keep going slow and steady and you will get there 😊

  • Thank you, that's very motivating. I'm trying not to let myself think that I'll never get there and am cautiously looking forward to doing a park run before Christmas - if I manage it I shall have a huge smile on my face whatever the weather or my time! Thank you and good luck with your 10 km race - awesome!

  • Hi Steph88 , I think there are loads of us who had to take a while 🙂 You'll get there, even if it's via the scenic route 😄

  • Thank you, I love thinking of it as the scenic route rather than as possibly failing!👍

  • It took me two years to complete probably. So 18 weeks is not much

  • Wow more power to you for sticking with it. Well done!

  • That should read properly! I graduated a year a go and now I have joined running club. Enjoy the journey

  • Well done, Steph88 :D Get better soon :)

  • Thank you ☺️

  • You will finish it! Just believe it ☺ Lots of folks have a rocky road but have pushed through. Just keep on pushing and you'll nail it. I had three or 4 breaks - one for a crocked ankle and two for accidents, as I seem to be a clumsy clot 😊

    Once the kids are back at school make time to fit it in. You time! Enjoy yourself☺

  • Thank you - it's really helpful to know that the week 9 timetable seems more of a guideline than rule. I thought if I progressed too slowly I'd never get there (that is, keep going back to the early weeks) - but it sounds like that's not the case☺️.

  • Hi Steph! I initially started the programme in March 2015 and got to week 8 before injury struck at work - a torn calf muscle☹️. I was out all summer before having to go back to the beginning of the programme ( and a couple of false starts). Graduated in October last year - first 10k in January and first 10k race in May and am now running up to 13k in preparation for a 10mile (16k) race in October. Yes, there have been little niggles along the way, but you learn a lot about your body in this running game. I only started this programme because I was approaching 50 and wanted to be fit,not just for myself but my family. My plan was to run 30 mins x3 a week back then! You will definately get there, but be warned, it is very addictive!! Hope your knee is better soon and you can pick up the programme once more! Good luck.🙂

  • HI Steph88 . All in all it's taken me over 2 years! Not through injury but poor motivation, lack of time and the mental gremlins but I started again in May this year at W1R1. I made it all the way up to week 8, got struck down by a gremlin and reverted to week 4!

    Still made it through and Graduated!

  • Well done! That's real determination 👍☺️

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