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Early morning run convert

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I am not a morning person. So have always completed my runs in the evening after work. However this morning I found myself awake at 5.30am and then again at 6 so I thought I might as well get up and do my w5r2. I found this one of my easiest runs so far. Putting this down to temperature (evening runs have all been 25 degree plus) and the fact I'm not exhausted from my day.

Will definitely be running in the morning again! What time of day does everyone else prefer?

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Definitely mornings!

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I prefer later mornings, normally just after walking the kids to school. Times are all over the place now it's the holidays and I miss the routine of term time.

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SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Slowrun

Unfortunately my work limits my options. It's 6am or around 7pm for me. Will definitely be strong my alarm for 6 on my run days in future.

Hope you find a routine for the holidays it's a long time til they are back in school!!

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I am definitely a morning person , have found in this heat going out at 6 to 6.30 is much better.

Well done on your run 😊

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SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks Rob.

I did about the first 5 weeks at night, like you in the heat then I did a run early one weekend morning and it was completely different so much easier, I’m on holiday at home at the moment so my last 4 runs now have been in a morning and I much prefer it, back to work next week and as I leave at 6am I will have to go back to evenings during the week

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SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to Walswife

It looks like things are cooling down a bit after today, so evening runs may be ok again temperature wise soon. It's nice to have this lovely weather, but not great for working or running in!

Mornings 100%. In the early weeks I mixed it up a bit, but once I’d done a morning run I realised I found it much easier. Cooler, lighter legs, more energy.

Everyone’s different though, and some love evenings!

Happy running! 😀👍🏻😀

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SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Think I will just see how things go. This morning was much easier than previous runs. But as I say I'm not a morning person and I have suffered with tiredness through the day today, as only managed 3 1/2 hours sleep last night! Will have to make sure I'm earlier to b3d when planning an am run.

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Definitely mornings, I get up at about 5.30 have a drink of water and go before work. I find I am far to tired at the end of the day to run anywhere :)

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I have always ran in the evening, just before dusk. The kids have gone to bed, the wife has 30 minutes with the TV control and I jump in the shower when I get back. I just don’t think I could get up earlier for a run;)

I’m evenings when I get in from work. It’s hot and humid running\waddling around the woods being attacked by flies but my mind and body just said NO when I tried running at 05:30. Just a shame I can’t leave it until 07:30 the same as the weekend run, nice and cool and a lot less flies

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I've never tried early mornings - done a few park runs (9am start) which feel the same, probably even a bit worse! I put it down to lack of food, but it's clearly not an issue for lots of people - what do you tend to eat before a morning run, if anything?

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Pagy in reply to Helm108

Nothing, no food or drink just water and fruit after but it is normally early morning

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I just had a large glass of water before I ran this morning and had a light breakfast about 1/2hour after my return. I found it was ok running on an empty stomach. It was only 2x 8minute runs so nothing too taxing

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I don't like mornings either but also had a good morning run last time out. I just need to eat well before I run! 😁

Definitely mornings it's up and out for me, I run along the seafront it's lovely. Just completed week 3 in 4 days, shall start week4 Sunday morning as I'm back to work tonight but I find it quite addictive 😁

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Evenings for me every time. I'm so tired all day if I run in the morning. In fact I did run yesterday am as it fitted in better timewise, was exhausted and ineffectual all day and I just realised why when I read your post 😂

I run in the mornings before breakfast, partly as it's cooler, partly so that I get it done! Once I start doing other things I tend to get distracted and run out of time.

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