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Quick question for early morning runners

Are any of you not natural early risers? I am due to run tomorrow but may not be able to go at my usual time in the evening due to other commitments. I don't want to miss it though so was thinking of doing it in the morning before everyone wakes up. Trouble is I am definitely NOT a morning person! I just wondered if any of you were like this but have managed to stick with early morning runs and now enjoy them?

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I used to be a lark until I married my husband who is a night owl. I loved getting up at 5.00, specially in the summer. But we don't get to bed much before 12 now so I don't get up as early any more.

I like to run at 6.30ish and really enjoy the fresh smells and the cool of the morning. It is important to get to bed early and then you may find you enjoy early mornings more.


Like you, I'm not a natural 'morning person'! That said I have found that as long as I do all the right things like a full warm up and suitable stretches, morning runs are no different to any other time.

The big bonus is that it can really set me up for the day. I nearly always feel better able to cope with the 'less pleasurable', stressful elements of the day.


I actually like the idea of running in the morning when it's quieter and calmer outside and like you say how it sets you up for the day. Just don't know if I'll manage to do it. Only one way to find out I suppose. Definitely will try and get an early night tonight.


I love running early in the morning, its all fresh and lovely. This morning the sun was just rising and there was a lovely pink glow...I get my husband to push me out of bed at an agreed time ( he is a very early riser)...once I'm out I'm OK!!!! Good luck.


I've just turned 30 & for the majority of that time (approx 29.5 years), I'd considered anyone who got up at stupid o'clock to do something abhorrent like exercise to be a whole loaf of bread short of a picnic! I was infamous in my family for being a late riser but now I get up at 6.30am weekdays to run (Tues & Thurs) and do a workout DVD on the other days. Due to this, I also find it harder now to stay in bed for long at weekends.

I must admit that I've only being doing this since the beginning of July, but within a week or two, it just became the norm . If you stick to a new routine for about 3 weeks, it becomes second nature. So give it a try!


Thanks for all the replies. As it turns out it was taken out of my hands ss my 5 month old woke early for a feed and by the time it was done I didn't have time to go out before hubby was due to leave for work. I did manage to squeeze in my run tonight though before heading off so didn't need to miss it after all :-)


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