Help! Losing motivation

Help! Losing motivation

It is the most ridiculously hot summer I've ever witnessed here in Mumbai. Feels like 42 degrees! I run in an air conditioned gym but the rest of the day I'm not in an air conditioned environment and so feel pretty drained. Even when I do make it to the gym, just the thought of voluntarily making myself sweaty by running for 30 minutes makes me tired so I end up doing weights instead. Somebody give me the kick I need to stop whining and get back out there (my last run was a 5K on Saturday, which went really well).

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  • Gosh that's so hot I feel for you. Can you look forward to a cold shower after perhaps?

  • It's so hot and humid here you need multiple cold showers a day regardless. Maybe I just shouldn't freak out over not being able to run so regularly so long as I continue to remain active.

  • Wow that takes some will power! Having seen how fast you have progressed since you started I don't think you are whining and you have certainly motivated me to get my paltry w3r2 done today. You understandably need to complain about those conditions but you have cone so far don't slide do it. Go get the glow (not sweaty) a healthy glow. Sending cool breezes. πŸ‘πŸ»

  • W3 isn't paltry! I remember being so excited that I could run for 3 whole minutes. I was ecstatic when I completed W3. 3 minutes is a long time for someone who isn't used to running at all. Good luck!

  • If your last run was on Saturday, I would not be worried at all. Maybe one week off is what you need now and next week you'll suffer from a case of "itchy feet" so serious that you won't need any kick to go back to running. πŸ˜‰

  • Good point...I'm sure next week I'll want to get back out there, heat or not!

  • We couldn't kick you...:)

    It sounds very, very unpleasant heat wise! As secan says, maybe you needed a short break.... and as ju-ju- , suggests, think cool showers all the time you are running...then take one...:)

    Think, cool, blue, icy waters.....You will come through this :)

  • I am mentally picturing myself swimming in the cold, cold waters off some magical beach. Sigh.

  • I'm right there with you... double sigh!

  • Early morning runs help. It's pretty hot here in Bangalore too. So that's what I am doing. Start the run by 5.30am and be done with it by 6.30. Doesn't feel that bad.

  • This is impossible. There is nothing that can get me out of bed at 5.30 am. I know because I've tried - I used to wake up at 6.30 and go for a run many years ago, and I gave up very quickly. Mornings and I just don't go together. I'll just have to wait it out or suck it up and go at my regular time anyway.

  • Getting that heart rate pumping for 30 minutes before you do your weights will really increase the endorphin rush you get from your workout. Happy, happy body drugs! Then a nice cool shower, or maybe a swim, followed by a long, cool celebratory drink :)

    I feel for you though, having spent some time in India I know that door knob melting heat and humidity can sap your energy.

    Good luck!

  • I cycle 5km before weights. Takes 10 minutes, which is just about all I can handle right now. But the workout/swim/drink idea does sound lovely :)

  • What?! After all that hard work to get through the programme :0 This doesn't sound like the highly motivated Shivani I know. To be honest it is really hard to keep motivated after graduating because you don't have goals. I had to set myself some like getting to 10k, running faster and running a race. Obviously running a race isn't on the cards. I now run early mornings in training for our summer. We had temperatures around 38 and even 40 last year and it totally zonks you out when you're not used to it. I felt really tired when I started running at 6:30 but after a couple of weeks of feeling knackered, luckily you adjust. Try running early mornings next week maybe?

  • Hi! I think you are doing fine, and probably shouldn't worry, although I understand how hard it must be to get going in such temperatures. If you are still struggling in a week or two, boptillyoudrop's comment above about goals made me think: why not repeat the whole C25K? It could be fun to revisit your thoughts as you went through the process, and feel how much fitter you are this time round. But you will be starting out with very short intervals, which might help get you onto the treadmill again :)

  • Can you do a longer run-walk on the hottest days instead of all running? I find it's very easy to push too hard and feel ill in the heat.

  • i think dont push it.. wait till it cools, or you just HAVE to run.. sounds like you are doing plenty already.. so why beat yourself up over it? we are often our own WORST critic.. ( and sometimes need to be) but , in this case, seems to me as if you are doing plenty anyway.. give yourself a break!

  • Hey Shivani05 You have done so well , that is very hot and don't know how you do it, good to take some downtime too, regroup and recover and then go out and find that enthusiasm again , keep at it 😊

  • Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. It was mildly better temperature-wise today so I hauled myself to the gym and ran for 20 minutes. It's not the 30 minimum that I aim for but it's better than nothing! One day at a time until it starts to rain and cools down!

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