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W8R1 - I feel great


I managed to do my W8R1 this morning and although I had the few demon on my shoulder moments I managed it without too much drama.

I am putting this down to the extra rest days I had, 5 in fact since my last run. There was nothing wrong with me but just didn't feel great and knew I would only get myself down if I went out running and not complete my task. It definitely shows to listen to your body as it will tell you if you can cope or not.

So in future I'm not going to beat myself up if I plan to go for a run but don't feel ready when time comes.

5 more runs til 👩‍🎓

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Good stuff, and you're right, rest is really important. Not long to go now - good luck!


Good words, once the procrastination habit is killed of course. By now you know best for sure, and nobody is on it every day.

Good for you for recognising your body needed a little TLC! You’re back at it, and you’ll soon be on that podium. 😀

Go smash the rest of W8 and you’ll soon be there! 👊😀👍🏻

great job. I took a extra day or 2 also and there is nothing wrong with it. Ill be doing my w8r3 tomorrow morning and start w9 on Wednesday. See ya on the finish line


Huge well done.. especially listening to your body..it is your best guide... :) You are your best asset... so it is great that you are taking care of you ! :)

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