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Finding the old Me


This is my first day in this group. Im on week 4 of c5k. I’ve done it before and I know it works but I’ve never continued further than 5k. Life has always got in the way and I’ve lost all the fitness I built up. 2 children on and I haven’t really exercised for a good few years and kept using my busy lifestyle as a reason not to. Reaching the heaviest I have ever been was a bit of a turning point and I can’t let that continue. I also want my toddler to see me as a positive role model and learn about health and exercise from me, not learn to sit on the sofa watching tv and eating crisps. She’s been my training partner so far coming on runs with me where we play tag until the minutes are done. I also need the ‘me’ time of running, it’s such a blessing to get out of the house every night for 30 minutes and do something for myself. I’m hoping to eventually reach a 10km and run in one with my cousin who has recently completed a 10k in memory of her son. I’d like to join that tribute next year.

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Wow... you have all the motivation you need right there. We will also help if you need us.

Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on smashing the first three weeks... you can do this, for you, your little ones and to be with your cousin on that tribute run. All you gotta do is one step at a time and stay focused and believing in yourself. Keep posting here, I’d like to see your graduation post and a report on that 10k next year.

Go make it happen.


Fantastic Thismumruns and I love the name! Well done for completing all of those runs! You’ve been smashing it! More of that to come! Welcome to the forum and fulling your wish! Beautiful photo!! 😍❤️


Another of our awesome Mamas... a terrific well done to you.

Fantastic journey so far, and what a great trainer you have running with you... :)

Time for yourself is really important... you are so worth this effort... Looking forward to reading your posts!!

Good luck 😉


Your so positive about the change and using running alongside a healthier lifestyle is what matters.

I like that you want to have me time and it’s a mistake that us mums make - not having me time as well as making excuses not to do it. Until - you’ve made a decision to change.

You will find the forum very supportive and I get a lot of encouragement from what others are doing as well.

I like too read the older posts and I’ve notice there are times when circumstances may push some negativity one’s way. Just Don’t give up- C25Kers are routing for you to succeed. Stay positive and look forward to hearing of your progress.


Welcome to the best running group ever. It, and it’s sister forum bridge to 10k, has helped many of us complete our goals and beyond. You’re well on your way. Keep posting, get out for your runs, and enjoy your “me” time. I find it has helped me through some tough times and has made this mama much happier. You’re a great role model for your kiddo. Power on!

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