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Treadmill questions

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I’m on week 8. I’ve done weeks 1-7 outside but now overseas and too hot/don’t want to get lost to run outside so need to use treadmill.

I don’t understand the settings (and the instructions are in Spanish).

My Fitbit says my week 7 run average pace varied between 6’ 47 and 5’43 so what setting should I be using to match this? I only did 3k on the treadmill when I’ve been doing about 4 in 25 minutes? So think the level 6 wasn’t comparable?

Also what incline? Is 5 ok?

Finally - what is the etiquette on treadmills? There’s only one in the small gym. Is it ok for me to run for 28 minutes when other people may be waiting for it?

Also - get me - voluntarily exercising on holiday. What has C25K done to me? 😂😇

6 Replies
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Don’t know about pace, but 5 incline may be a bit much. Recommendation is 1.

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Thank you. It didn’t feel like it was inclined at all on 1 - it felt too easy so I upped it. Maybe faster speed and lower incline is better?

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I think 1 is supposed to mimic a flat road when running outside, so yes your pace would be good. By the way, 28 minutes is no time at all on a treadmill, so go for it! Hope you can work out the other stuff.

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Sorry, I have nothing helpful to say here, but I was on a treadmill yesterday (getting my gait done) and I nearly fell off three times. Daughter was with me and enjoyed it greatly. I was a bit wobbly getting off too, not sure it's my thing!

As for the exercise it's almost easy to feel guilty about it huh? I feel weird for liking running (well I might be more of a wheezy jog) just as much as I seem to be!

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Usually what ever it is measures the distance in is what it measures speed in, so if it measures in km then 6 is 6km an hour. Looking at your current pace the slowest you want to have it set at is 9, incline of 1 as said before is supposed to be more road feeling.

I always find treadmill much harder and some research worked out people run 2min per mile slower on a treadmill so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t achieve level 9, completing the run is the important thing your distance will return when you are back outside!

Best of luck

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Great explanation, thank you.

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