First day tomorrow, eep!

Over the summer last year I did this program all the way through to week 7 but stopped when I came back to uni for some unknown reason. After weeks of noticing my declining fitness I am trying again (and the fitness difference was really different first time round). This time though, I am starting knowing I am capable of doing it, and if an overweight, unfit asthmatic like me can do it anyone can :) lets see if I keep it up this time, watch this space....

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  • Hi i did a run today but i just found this 5k podcast thing and am going to start it tuesday. good luck with yours , maybe we could help each other along

  • Hope it goes well it must be good to know that you've managed it before - I'm starting week 2 today

  • how many times have you started something tomorrow?

  • haha too many but its not really suitable to go out running at 11pm at night and the diet and running have most definately started TODAY!! :) and @maddykins we could do :)

  • how did the run go today ?

  • Good actually, much better then the first time round :P its good to know I retained some of the fitness from last summer :D it all seems very achievable again haha

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