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Week 5 Run 1... errrr, again!


I completed W5R1 last Monday, but with the heat going the way it did, found it completely impossible to get out to do R2 & R3 on the Wednesday and Friday. So abandoned for the week. A long weekend in London for the OH’s birthday followed. So decided it best to restart W5 this week.

Thankfully it all came flooding back reasonably simply. I even decided to extend past the finish of the app... doing an extra 3 minute walk, 5 minute run before the usual 5 minute warm-down... and in the process managed to get through the 5k mark!

So whilst the body and mind seems willing, decided to see if I can extend every run past 5k (warm-up/down inclusive) just to start getting the distance in.

Seriously looking forward to W5R2 albeit still with that same trepidation toward R3 that we all seem to have...

...thank goodness for the respite in the weather!

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No need to do run 2 - I’d do run 3 next. It’s a great run. Remember to slow down and slow down again 👌🏽 You’ll definitely get to 10k. You can do my-ju-‘s plan over on the bridge to 10k forum. It’s much easier than getting to 5 👌🏽 Well done on your progress so far 💪🏽


Then you are no longer doing c25k. The programme is designed to get you to 30 minutes running in 9 weeks , getting your body used to running , to increase stamina , without injury. I do not recommend others follow what you are doing.

But have fun if that is what you want to do


Well done ✅ you got to 5km by walking and running. Great.

Now get back to the programme and do W5R2 exactly as instructed. You’re ready to run 8:5:8 and then for 20 minutes in W5R3.

Be sure to let us know how you get on.


Found myself smiling at your post and your forum name - yep!.... that’s a good fit there. I’m an ‘A’ type personality too 😉.

There are plenty of long runs ahead for you to get to 5k. Half of the running minutes of this 9 week programme are in the last 3 weeks.

It’s brilliant that you felt so good after finishing the 5k, and if you previously regularly walked 5k briskly before C25K you might get away with your plan. But I could walk 5k like that and still overdid it a bit on W6, without realising - and then had to nurse my knees to the end. My brain and lungs were telling me I could go faster and longer - but can’t argue with muscles and tendons. I was very lucky not to end up on the IC for many weeks.

It would be such a shame to have to stop getting that ‘hit’ of achievement unnecessarily 😉👍

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