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Week 6 - DONE


Well I managed my 25 min run - even did the last 60 sec picking up the pace!

I was slow but didn’t stop and breathing actually felt pretty good - no gasping like a flailing goldfish!!!

Only managing 3k but I am actually very happy with that as it’s 3k more than I would normally walk let alone run!!!!

Week 7 - bring it on!!!!


Oh and quick question does anyone ever not take a rest day? And - has anyone skipped 3 days and still managed to start where they left off? Daughter is arriving and here for 3 days - not sure I will have energy to run while she here (late nights and a bit of drinking will be taking place!!!!!) lol

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I just skipped 6 days and managed to take 16seconds off my pb on my run today, I’m sure you’ll be fine to relax with your daughter for 3days 🙂

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That is good to hear! Just don’t want to loose momentum so will run Sunday and may go Tuesday early - see what time they get up lol 😊


No hurry, no need to up anything. 😁 slow is good! 💪

Rest days at this stage are sacrosanct I’d say 🙂

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