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First day of C25K!


So, today I took the Plunge and started C25K- Yay!

I have some knee issues (not diagnosed as anything in particular at the moment) and was advised by my physiotherapist last year to "not run or jump"... But I've had enough, I've put on over a stone and I'm fed up!

My first run, well, I really enjoyed! I hate going to the gym without specific goals and instructions and usually HATE the treadmill, but I've found a new love!

I'm doing this to get fit and lose a bit of weight, I want to lose about a stone and I've been on a good diet for 2 weeks now.

I'm so excited for tomorrow's run!

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The advice from my Physio was to stick to trails or track and keep it flattish for a while... the knees will strengthen in time. Just listen to those joints, they’ll tell you when to back off. As you go longer on jogging and your body conditions, it is an excellent fat burner.

Welcome to the programme. My only concern is you said you started today and are looking forwards to tomorrow’s run, you need a “rest” day tomorrow. That’s a day of anything but two things, nothing and running.

You’ll amaze yourself- enjoy!

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