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Ok so I'm trying to lose weight I am currently 16st I've lost 2 stone already I'm a bit self concious so instead of going to the gym I invested in a tredmill so this morning I got up and started my first couch to 5k got through the warm up and then to my first run/light jog got to the end but then had to stop due to being bloody pooped! So I guess my question is do I just keep repeating run 1 until I can successfully complete it then move on? feeling very unfit right now x


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  • Firstly - there is no such thing as a bad run or a bad exercise day. Everyday you do something active , is a day further along your path towards your goal. And there is no hurry - take all the time you want, repeat whatever you want until you want to continue moving forwards . But don't give up and most importantly , enjoy the ride. This is a good place for you to hang out!!!!!!

  • Thank you ☺

  • No you just slow 🐌 right down! The slower the better 🙂

  • Stick with the programme but as Oldfloss says, slow it right down and you should be able to get through the runs. That first run is probably the hardest one, as it took you all that effort to get yourself the treadmill, and then actually deciding to run on it. It can and will get better. :-)

  • Thank you I will try that just noticed my tredmill is set on a small incline I suppose I should be proud I lasted all that time on a slight hill eh!! He he thanks for the advice I won't be giving up i really enjoyed it short as it was 😊

  • Stick with the programme. I have now lost 16KG from 124.7KG since I started in WK1. Two different paths though weight loss and the C2 5K. Treat them as such. Diet and Run and also do so other Strength Exercises in between.

    Have another go after a rest and just go slow. No one is pushing you. You can do it! We all can.

  • Run 2 and 3 are repeats of 1 so just keep going with a day off in between and you will amaze yourself, I did!

  • Well done! For loosing weight already and taking the first step to improving your fitness!

    Stick with the programme and listen to your body, if you need to walk, then do so, the running will come eventually. I went back in the programme and repeated weeks as I began struggling, so do what feels right for you.

    Reading posts on here helps you see everyone goes through the same, so you're in good company.

    By just doing C25K you're lapping those on the couch! Any activity is better than nothing. Be proud of your success, onwards and upwards.

  • Well done on the two stone! That's brilliant.

    I suspect you're going too fast on your runs, that's the downside to a treadmill I think. I go ridiculously slow when I'm running, I suspect probably similar to my walking speed. Maybe try and have a go outside (I know it takes bravery - try somewhere v quiet or an early morning!) and see what speed you actually run at so you can do the whole minute. It really doesn't matter how slow you go.

    You'll be amazed at how quickly your stamina improves with this program, don't give up, just try again after a day's rest.

  • Thanks guys for all the advice and support it helps so much 😊 xx

  • Welcome to the forum xleighx😊

    Well done on starting the c25k plan, plenty of support on here, and the plan does work by slowly building your stamina. Take your time and have fun. 😊

    Good luck with your next run and keep posting...

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