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8:1 worst run yet!


Why did I listen to my family? They laughed when I told them the distance I was running (around 3.4km) So I decided to up my pace, stupidly at the beginning. I started struggling midway and 5 minutes from the end, had to walk! This is the first time in 8 weeks that I’ve had to deviate and I’m so cross with myself for listening to others. I will repeat the run at a more sensible pace 😭 . Lesson learned!

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Aww that must have been awful for you but even though its made you feel negative about the run, look how much you have actually achieved and how far you have come from week 1. Don't let others put you down, be proud of what you've achieved. Get back out there (repeat that run if you feel you need to) but with your head high and at a comfortable pace for you! Just remember your doing this for yourself. Good luck!


Shame on them for not supporting you! 😠 Can any of them run for 30 minutes without stopping? I wasn't hitting 5k in 30 minutes at the end of week 9, and I still can't manage 5k in 30 minutes now, over a year later. Just keep running at the pace that feels right for you and feel proud! 👏


I had the same experience although everyone had told me not to speed up but I did anyway and burnt myself out after like 10 minutes (that was for w7.)

Keep up the good work and don't listen to anyone including your over ambitious self (that is for me mainly)


Don’t be cross (although understandable!) looks like you’ve learned a valuable lesson. Enjoy your next run at your own pace that’s comfortable for you 😊👍🏻😊


Yes, lesson learned, pity you are not getting very much support from your family and being laughed at, anyway, next time run more slowly at the start and if you feel good you can speed it up towards the end of the run, not at the start. Once you graduate, hopefully, next week on run 3 of week 9 I hope your family will congratulate you like everyone else does here on Healthunlocked C25K.


Chin up! that's what the 'Repeat this run' feature is for :)

I fell for that once too, I ran a 'segment' that was tracked by a popular app out there and made the mistake of viewing my times against those who had run the same segment during that week.

Saw a couple of people running 1k in like 3:02 (compared to my miserable 6:54) so decided to run that segment again next day and gave it my all .. did it in 5:30 but then had walk home only after running 1.7k (I normally run at least 4.3k) :D

lesson learnt!

Now I just hide my times from segment board and not worry about any of that.

It's funny how the minute you start a personal journey like this, everyone around you is suddenly an expert! Please don't let this experience put you off. You're doing amazing! Everyone has the experience of increasing pace too soon and running out of steam. For me it happened when a well-meaning friend was trying to encourage me during a park run. I nearly died! Listen to your body, and stick to a pace you're comfortable with. It's about time, NOT distance. Anyone who is an experienced runner would cheer you on, knowing how bl**dy hard it is in the beginning! You're doing just grand, be you, at your pace, and be proud! xx


Well done so far. Reading the posts it seems that lots of us assume we will be doing 5k in 30 mins. I too started running too fast at the beginning of this course to keep up with others. Felt terrible and nearly gave up. It is difficult to run slowly especially when you think you could walk quicker. Have confidence in your own ability and faith in this course. You can build up speed later. Just running for 28 mins is a real achievement. I have just run Wk8 r1 and my family and friends are amazed. So am I . Keep going at your comfortable pace. 👏 🙉


I can’t actually believe they laughed at you. I’m so cross 👿

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...but I’m having the last laugh because I’m carrying on with it and not giving up 😂😂😂😂

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Well look at it this way Medsec, they can only do it once and they’ve had their day! Now you go out there and do your thing, your way! “Out there, don’t care”! Go you! Be unstoppable! ❤️

Did my last run at the gym (W6R1) and my husband commented that I seemed to run for a long time. Then he asked me what my pace was. I refused to tell him and said ' It's not the pace that matters it's the time run. No matter how slow, it still counts' Then I gave him the LOOK - you know the one that says 'don't mess with me'. I know he runs much faster than me and I'm not going to get drawn into comparisons.

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