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Life after Couch to 5k

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So today I graduated!! I’m so happy, it’s been a long journey since losing my job to an ongoing illness, I vowed never to let it beat.

I’m now 3 stone lighter and feeling good for the future, although this won’t cure me, it does improve my daily life.

Huge thanks to the community for all the positivity a lot of us couldn’t have done it without you all x

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WynB profile image

🎉🎉that's fabulous , well done!!

telford_mike profile image

Well done Dave, that’s absolutely awesome. Enjoy your consolidation runs - you can have lots of fun playing with distance and time. Huge congratulations 👍👏🍾

Congratulations 🍾🎉

Kezwah profile image

Congratulations. 🏃‍♂️ It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it. Keep it up. 🥂🥂


Sybilw profile image

Well done Dave it sounds like you’ve really taken control of your life (as much as any of us can!). Good luck with the next step.

GoGo_JoJo profile image

👏👏👏 Fabulous. Well done. 🏅🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 well done 👍

Enjoy that acheivement and your new ability 👍😁

Dexy5 profile image

Well Done Dave82. You are a runner 🏃‍♂️👏🏅👨‍🎓🎉💫⭐️

BrianUK profile image

Good on you, Dave. Well done.

Sweatyfaced profile image

Whoop whoop, congratulations!! Hope you have something exciting planned to answer the "what next?" question... happy running!

Dave82 profile image
Dave82 in reply to Sweatyfaced

To quote Forest Gump “I just kept on running”

Sweatyfaced profile image
SweatyfacedGraduate in reply to Dave82

Great, exactly what I did and worked for me... go you!!

Hidden profile image

Fantastic Dave82, well done on your running and weight loss. X

Lou7744 profile image

That’s amazing!! Well done 👍

Bandahicup profile image

Congratulations!! It’s amazing what we can do when our heads are in the right place.

Well done :) . i graduated on same day

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